At CreditMarvel.com, we make your decision easy when it comes to choosing the right credit repair company. We rate and review the best credit repair services using a 10-point ranking criteria, and present our findings in an easy-to-understand format. We are an unbiased 3rd party, and our goal is to make choosing a credit repair company as easy as 1-2-3.

Improving Your Credit Score

Need to increase your credit score? Check out this comprehensive guide that will help you get a score of over 700!

How To Repair Your Credit

Perhaps the most in-depth manual on DIY credit repair, our guide has everything you need to get back on track!

How To Dispute Credit Report Errors

Have an error on your credit report? Use this guide to learn what you need to do to dispute the errors and have them removed!

Top Credit Repair Companies

SkyBlue Credit

Years of Exp.


Our Rating

Lexington Law

Years of Exp.


Our Rating


Years of Exp.


Our Rating

Credit Saint

Years of Exp.


Our Rating

The Credit People

Years of Exp.


Our Rating



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