Post has been updated for 2021

If you are looking to make money, there are plenty of options for making some extra cash.  Whether it is to pay down debt or save for a vacation, saving just does not come easy for some people.  Luckily, there are lots of ways to make an extra buck these days.  Gone are they days where you had to go out and find a second job (unless you really need lots of extra money).  There are now many opportunities to put extra money in your pocket from the comfort of your home.  With that being said, you need to know which ones are legit and not a scam.  Lucky for you, we have done the work for you.

New work from home ideas for 2021


Try your hand at being a virtual assistant

If you are super organized and great at time managment, consider a job as a virtual assistant.  It is a great jump off job into the digital services industry.  This job can be performed from anywhere regardless of where you live.  Check out sites like and. Keep in mind, you will need to speak fluent English and be able to communicate effectively.

Consider trading cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular as an investment platform.  Currently, Bitcoin and Etherium are the most popular cryptocurrency platforms and you can take advantage of this boom by trading on platforms Kraken  and eToro amongst many others.

Get paid for your talents with online tutoring

Websites like,   Skooli, and Tutor Me are great resources for trying out the online tutoring space. Now, you don’t have to use these platforms, but they certainly provide an easier way to enter this market.  You can also check out freelancer sites like, Upwork and Fiverr. So if you speak more than one language, are proficient in math, can play an instrument, this is a great option.

Below are 10 legitimate ways to make money from home

1. Ebates

This is a cash-back shopping site that will give you a $10 gift card just for signing up and earning your first cash back rebate.  You do need to make a minimum purchase of $25 within 90 days on the site and your account gets credited with points that you will then cash in for the gift card.   Now you do want to be careful with this one because the whole premise is you need to spend money to get money.  You don’t want to be tempted to go on a shopping spree.  Try to stick to the $10 gift card!

 2. Get paid for your opinion

Surveys are not going to get you fast cash in your pocket, but they don’t require much from you and if you do them enough, you can rack up some money.  What you want to do is sign up for some legitimate paying survey sites all at once.  You will then start receiving some surveys to take and your rewards will start to add up.

Here are two popular ones:

  •  Opinion Outpost  This is a popular one since it offers a quarterly drawing for a $10,000 cash prize.  You can have as many entries as you want.  So go crazy filling out surveys and you just may win.
  • Swagbucks This is another super popular one.  You can earn free gift cards for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online and more.  You also get $5 just for signing up and taking your first survey.

3.  Invest Your Spare Change

The Acorns app offers a simple way to save and invest spare change.  It takes your credit or debit card purchases and rounds them up to the nearest dollar and then invests the change.  You can start with as little as $5 and watch it grow from there.  You don’t need to have any knowledge about investing.  Because this is all automated, your money will start growing straight away.

4.  Get Cash Back

Ibotta is another free and popular cash-back app that has more than 50 retailers in its program. Prior to going to the store, do a search for the items you plan on buying and add them to your list in the app.  When  you get home, upload your receipt and scan the barcode on your purchased items.  You can get $25c back for strawberries or $2 back for L’Oreal hair color among other cash-back opportunities.  This app also gives you a $10 sign-up bonus after you upload your first receipt.

5. Sell items you don’t use

We could all go into our closets and find stuff we no longer wear and could really get rid of.  Go through yours and list your stuff with Letgo.   You just might be able to make a few extra bucks and it is not just for selling clothes, so get creative.

6. Look for hourly jobs

If you have a flexible schedule, then ShiftGig could be a good option for you.  It connects workers with jobs in various industries including retail, customer service, food service and hospitality.  You just need to download the app and apply.  They review your application and will also do a background check.  If you are approved, you can start looking for available shifts in your area.

7. Sell Your CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Video Games and Electronics

If you have any old school technology laying around like dvds, video games, CDs, tablets, cell phones etc, you could be missing out on some cash.  An app called Decluttr will buy these items from you and if you have a decent amount to sell, you could rack up a couple hundred dollars or more. All you have to do is scan the barcode to get a quote. It is free to use and they provide you with free shipping.  They also pay you quickly.

8.  Become an Uber driver

Sharing car rides is extremely popular today so if you need a flexible option to earn some extra cash, Uber is a great option.  You make your own schedule and can work however much you want. You do need to be 21 and have one year of driving experience (if under 23, then 3 years) plus pass a background check. Your car must be a 4 door and be able to fit 4 people (besides you), registered within in the state and have insurance coverage.

9. Get rewarded for paying your bills

 MoneyLion is a popular app for managing your personal finances.  You earn points by paying your bills on time, adding your bank account or even downloading the mobile app.   The points you get can be redeemed for gift cards from retailers like Walmart and Amazon.  You also have the option to connect the app with not only your bank account but credit cards, student loans and any other  financial accounts. The app will then take a look at your income and your spending and come up with personalized financial advice. Everything from tips on saving more money to improving your credit score.

10. Start Investing

Stash  is the app if you are trying to begin investing.  Today in age, investing is not just for those that have a lot of money.  This app allows you to start investing with as little as $5 and if you carry a balance under $5k, there is a $1 monthly fee.  The other great part about this app is you do not need to have any investing knowledge, the app consults with professional investors and fund managers and allows you to invest your money where you want it.  Just choose from a small set of portfolios that are reflective of your financial goals.


Everyone can use a few extra dollars in their pocket.  With so many options to make money on the side, there is no time like the present to take advantage of one or all of them.