Personal finance blogs are one of the best ways to get help with understanding and managing your finances.  You can find tips and information on everything from how to get out of debt to how to save up for your first home.  We here at Credit Marvel are passionate about finding and sharing the best in personal finance knowledge, so without further ado, here is our list of the best personal finance blogs to check out in 2020.


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1. Millennial Money Man

The founder and author of this blog is Bobby Hoyt.  His blog is geared towards millennials and covers these three key areas: making more money, saving more money and paying off debt fast.   Oh, and he wants to make sure you still have fun.  So don’t worry, he is not going to ask you to commit the cardinal sin of giving up your Starbucks lattes.

Claim to fame: He is a former high school band director that was able to pay off $40k in student loan debt in 18 months.  Since becoming debt free, he has entered the world of side hustles and online businesses in an effort to reach financial independence.  He has been featured on the likes of Reuters, Yahoo finance, Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC and many others.

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2. Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is one of the OG’s of personal finance blogs.  Around since 2006, it is run by J.D. Roth who has become a sort of financial guru over the years.  On this site, you will find tons of articles on investing, saving, making more money as well as how to have a better relationship with your money.

Claim to fame: When J.D. graduated college, he was $35k in consumer debt. Think credit cards and personal loans.  He was living paycheck to paycheck with zero in savings until he finally decided to draft a pay-off plan.  In the next three years, he accomplished his goal and became debt free.

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3. Mr. Money Mustache

This another OG of the personal finance blogs. Pete Adeney is the owner and has been running this blog since 2011.  The website covers everything related to financial independence.  He also writes a lot about investing in stock market index funds which is one of the key things he did to retire at the age of 30.

Claim to fame: So Mr. Money Mustache and his wife retired at the age of 30 after living a super frugal lifestyle and investing in Vanguard index funds along with purchasing some rental properties.  He offers tons of great stories and advice and has developed a loyal following that go by the name of  Mustachians.  His site offers a very active forum where people can ask questions and gain insights.  In addition, they have Mr. Money Mustache mobile app.

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4. Money Smart Latina

This blog is run by Athena Valentine who is a nationally recognized youth development expert.  Her blog covers everything from financial health to business and budgeting. Her advice is for everyone but she does focus on financial literacy for the underserved Latino community.

Claim to fame: At one point Athena was homeless when she was in high school. She overcame many obstacles in order to achieve financial and career success.  She has been featured on CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, and more.

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5. Financial Samurai

This personal finance blog has been around since 2009 and has had over 30 million visitors since its inception.  It was started by Sam Dogen and covers all things related to wealth management, the best financial products, negotiating a severance, and real estate crowdfunding.

Claim to fame: After spending thirteen years in corporate America, Dogen left his day job for early retirement.  How was this possible?  He saved 50% or more of his after-tax paycheck. He then invested those savings in bonds, stocks, real estate, C.D.s, and rental properties.  This allowed him to accrue enough passive income to leave his job.

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6. Rich & Regular

Launched in 2015, this blog was started by partners Julien and Kirsten.  Their blog will teach you how to master your finances through simple concepts.

Claim to fame: This duo was able to pay off $200k in debt over five years all while also increasing their net worth. Their mission is to  empower other families to achieve financial freedom too. They have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Glamour magazine and more.

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7.  Money Saving Mom

This blog speaks to anyone with a family who wants to save money.  Crystal Paine is the founder and her biggest passion is helping others become financially savvy. Expect to find the latest deals and giveaways from your favorite stores like Target and Walmart.

Claim to fame: Aside from providing tips and tricks for saving money she also has a coupon database with 4k+ coupons on it.   On the site you will find tons of recipes, articles on managing money, cooking tips, home and family tips and more.

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8. Inspired Budget

Budgeting can be confusing, demystify the process by checking out this blog by Allison Baggerly.  This site offers tons of free budgeting resources along with helpful money tips.  She also provides plenty of motivation with her debt-free stories.

Claim to fame: In 2011, Allison was drowning in six-figure debt but she was able to pay it off with her husband within five years. The blog is a culmination of all the lessons they learned. Ultimately, she wants to help other women obtain better money habits so they can achieve financial freedom.

9. Good Financial Cents

This blog was started back in 2008 by Jeff Rose who is a certified financial planner.  His goal with this blog is to help people ““Make ‘cents’ of their financial life”.  He wants to help people take charge of their finances so they can feel secure in their financial future.

Claim to fame: Aside from being the author and founder of this blog, Jeff wrote the book Soldiers of Finance and is an Iraqi war veteran.  His blog covers every topic related to personal finance and he also has a YouTube channel that has dozens of helpful videos.

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10. Dough Roller

Founded in 2007 by Rob Berger, Dough Roller covers everything related to personal finance, investing, and money management.  A former litigation attorney, Rob is able to offer a unique perspective in his writing. Additionally, he has lots of expert guest posts on his site.

Claim to fame: Visited by over 2 million people every year, all the site’s articles are super detailed and in-depth.  You can find tons of topics on investing, debt, insurance, banking and more.  His work has been featured on  Forbes, MSN Money, U.S. News & World Report, and Yahoo! Finance.

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