Easy home activities for kids is on every parents mind nowadays.  So as to keep the entire country practicing social distancing, gone are the days of park play dates.  As a result, parents are spending long hours at home with kids while also trying to work. In a word,  parents are trying to juggle it all.  If you don’t want your kids on electronics for hours, you need some fun activities they can engage in. All the activities we have compiled are budget friendly and many are free!

Here are 30 free or low-cost activities for kids that will help stave off boredom.  

easy kids home activities

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Activities for kids that they can do independently

Play-Doh – A classic all kids love.  If you have cookie cutters in your kitchen and backing pans, throw those in.  Let their imagination run wild.  You can also diy it and make your own.  Here is a simple recipe.

Learn something new online –  Duolingo along with a host of other platforms can help your child learn a new language.  Coding is big now too.  Check out these coding sites for kids.

Practice yoga – Head over to YouTube and check out popular channels like Cosmic Kids Yoga or these other popular yoga channels for kids. Above all, the kids will keep active and healthy.

Go on a virtual field trip –  Take a trip around the world and check out some popular attractions like The Great Wall of China.  Here is a list of free virtual field trips kids can go on.

Pick up some new dance steps –  Check out these kids dance channels that will have them mastering steps in no time.

Write a story and illustrate it – Set them up with some paper and markers and let their imagination roam free.

Start a journal – Encourage your child to keep a journal of their experience during this quarantine.  It will make for a great memory down the road.

Listen to an audiobook – These can be found on YouTube, for free on StoryNory or for under $2 here.

Create art – Make an art station and stock it up with fun worksheets and coloring books.  Also be sure to check out the wildly popular Kids Art Hub on YouTube.

Who doesn’t love a Dance party! – Throw on some tunes and let the kids dance their hearts out.

Simple puzzles –  No 500 piece jigsaw puzzles here (unless they are older) Hopefully you have some on hand.  If not, don’t worry, Amazon to the rescue.

Easy home activities for kids that don’t require much adult interaction are the sweet spot since many people are juggling other jobs! Hope these keep your little ones happily entertained.

easy kids home activities

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Indoor activities you can do as a family 

Have a virtual meetup with family and friends – Use a video chat platform like Skype, FaceTime or Google Duo so everyone can  stay in touch.  As a result, you may wind up even closer now that you are “distancing” yourselves.

Perform a science experiment – Classic experiments like creating a baking soda-vinegar volcano or making slime will be a hit.

A movie marathon – When you are looking to relax, this is a great idea. Try and keep it light by sticking to a theme like Disney movies or fun comedies.

Have a family dance party – Have each person take a turn picking out their favorite music and dance the day or night away.

Get out the board games – Grab some sweet and salty snacks and you have yourself a few hours of fun.

Play card games – From Old Maid to “Go Fish”, this one will keep everyone entertained.  Need more ideas?  Here are some.

Put together a fashion show – Head to your closets and find the wackiest and silliest outfits to put on and have a contest to see who has the craziest combinations.

Let the kids play chef – Let them get crazy in the kitchen (with limits set of course) and make a “fancy” lunch or dinner.  Grab out candles and wine glasses to make it extra special.

Play an old fashioned game of musical chairs – This game never gets old with kids and will get that energy out.

Have a karaoke sing off – This can be done with just the kids too! Unless you are on a work call, then maybe not the best idea.

Easy home activities for kids and the whole family are great for the end of the day when everyone is looking to spend some quality time together! These ideas will do that for you.

easy kids home activities

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Outdoor family activities

Go camping in the backyard – If you have a tent great.  If you don’t, try making a fort with chairs.

Create art with sidewalk chalk – You can also play hopscotch or draw an outline to play foursquare.

Blow bubbles – This is easy entertainment for little kids. Running around will get their energy out too!

Have a water balloon fight – If you have some balloons on hand, this is a fun family day activity for sure.

Plant a vegetable garden- Hopefully you have been eating home and you have some vegetable scraps you can plant.  The root ends of romaine lettuce and celery are a good starting point.

Do a scavenger hunt – Head outside and search for things like acorns, pine cones and other outdoor items.  Here is a list.  See who can find the most.

Play classic outdoor games – Games like Red Rover, Red Light Green Light, or Steal the Bacon.

Make s’mores – A classic treat everyone will love. Don’t forget the music.

Wash the car – This will get everyone involved and expending some energy.

Easy home activities for kids that involve being outside are great if you are in an area that has nice weather!