Many Americans are looking for side gigs from home right now.  Sheltering in place is still a real thing for many Americans.  With certain states seeing surges in Covid-19 cases, leaving the house is something people are not looking to do. But what about work?  With so many people losing their jobs, household finances are taking a major hit.  With that being said, the gig economy is now booming more than ever. Working from home with a side gig is a great way to make money and the ones listed below don’t require you to step a foot outside your front door.

Here are five side gigs from home you can start doing during the pandemic  


1. Become a freelancer


side gigs from home

Businesses are laying off or furloughing like crazy so the market for freelancers is really picking up.  If you are creative, your skills may be what many businesses need.

Here are a few creative skills companies are looking to hire freelancers for:

  • Writing, proofreading and editing
  • Photo editing
  • Graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • Coding and software development
  • Digital marketing and social media

Here are some freelance job sites to find work:

  • Upwork: This site boasts over 1.5 million clients and they cover all kinds of gigs from entry level to expert.  They also offer hourly work or work that is paid per project.
  • CopyPress: This is a good website to start out with if you are new to freelancing.  They offer jobs for writers, designers, and developers.
  • Fiverr: This is one of the OG’s of freelancing websites.  They have a robust freelance marketplace to list your services.
  • Freelancer:  This site is different from the others in that it allows you to prove your skills by competing with other freelancers in contests. They have online gigs from writing and editing to design and development.
  • Gigster: This company operates as an on-demand software development site.  They hire freelance designers, developers and product managers as supplemental help for their in-house team.
  • Guru: Allows users to bid on gigs that cover a wide range of skills — think ghostwriting to translation to graphic design.

2. Are you organized?  Try your hand at being a Virtual Assistant


side gigs from home

Not everyone has creative skills.  Don’t worry, there is something for everyone.  Becoming a virtual assistant is a very popular job.  With that being said, they do tend to be more entry-level jobs that typically cover these areas:

  • Data entry
  • Scheduling
  • Event coordination
  • Social media
  • Website production or blog writing
  • Client communications

Many online businesses employ virtual assistants on a part time basis. It can serve as a way to get your foot in the door with a new business and earn some cash.  Check out these sites for jobs:

3. Teach English Online


side gigs from home

Becoming an online English teacher for non-native speakers is an in demand position.  Countries all around the world are hiring and you can get started with minimal experience. China is probably the country with the most opportunities and it is typically teaching elementary-age kids. These jobs are with companies that will handle the scheduling, video conferencing, lesson planning as well as payment. You will set your own schedule and decide what happens in each session. Companies will usually require a 10 hour minimum of teaching per week.  Being that the time zones are different, you will need to be available either early-morning or late-evening.

Here are some companies that offer these jobs:

Boxfish: This company has more requirements than just being a native English speaker.  You also need to hold a TEFL/TESOL certificate as well as a Bachelor’s degree or above.  You need to have at least one year of prior teaching experience.  They pay around $10 per 25-minute class with one to four students. You can set up your own schedule or offer on-demand classes with individual students.

  • Italki: You can set your own hourly rate starting at $4 and work as many hours as you choose.  
  • QKids: If you can commit to 12 half hour lessons per week for six months, this job may be for you.  You can earn $16 to $22 per hour.
  • Rosetta Stone: You can work 8-15 hours per week.  They provide benefits, a 401k and holiday pay.
  • Landi English: Teach students in China from ages 5-10.  You can earn anywhere from $16-$23 per hour.
  • VIPKid: This is a very popular company that offers jobs teaching children in China.  Earn $14 to $22 per hour.

Requirements will be different for each company but here are some general requirements:

  • English fluency (most will require that you be a native speaker)
  • Interest in working with young children or teenagers
  • A computer, laptop or tablet with a web camera
  • High-speed internet for video conferencing

With most companies, you will need to apply and then set up a video interview.  You may or may not need to teach a mock teaching session before being hired.

4. Work as a customer service representative


side gigs from home

If you like talking to people and solving their problems, becoming a customer service rep may be for you.  You can make anywhere from $10-$19.  Some jobs may require you live in a certain state. Check all the fine print before applying.

Here are some companies that are hiring right now: InfoCision,  PrudentialSmall Business AdministrationTeladoc HealthWilliams Sonoma

5. Be an online tutor for kids


side gigs from home

Schools out for the summer and with camps cancelled, parents may be looking for online learning opportunities for their kids. There are also option for tutoring kids in other countries.

Here are some sites where you can find jobs.

Side gigs from home are a great way to make extra cash

During uncertain times like now, navigating personal finances can be scary for many.  If you have lost your job, the gig economy is here to help.  Side gigs from home are not only popular but plentiful. With that being said, don’t wait to start applying for jobs.  If you are strapped for money, you may start to fall behind on your bills which can lead to poor credit and other financial problems.