Do you dread paying your cell phone bill every month? If you’re like most people, you’re basically tethered to your cell phone, but you hate paying the high cost of using it. If you could save money on your cell phone bill, how else would you use that money? Would you pay down debt or save for the future? In this article, we share five tips for saving on your smartphone, so you can stop stressing about your data usage, text, and voice calls.

Track down that Wi-Fi signal


If you’re relying on your data plan to surf the web and post on social media, then you could be eating up your monthly allowance and spending more than you need to spend. Instead, be mindful of your nearby Wi-Fi signals. Try to limit your internet use and movie streaming to times when you have a reliable wireless connection. If you can’t trust yourself, then sign up for overage alerts from your wireless carrier.

Limit your background data use


Most people don’t realize that they don’t have to be surfing the web to use their data.  There are apps running in the background that use up your data too.  You need to go into your settings and find the data usage setting and turn off any apps you don’t really use.  That way when you are not using your phone, these apps won’t be draining your battery and data.

Consider dropping the insurance


Do you pay a monthly fee for cell phone insurance? Unless you’re really clumsy and have a tendency to be hard on your phone, you may not need to shell out for the insurance.  This can cost which can cost more than $100 every year. Alternatively, you can consider getting a low-priced phone, so you won’t break the bank if you do need to replace it for whatever reason.

Employee discounts


Have you ever asked your employer if they offer discounts for cell phone service? Some corporations have partnerships with cell phone providers. You may be surprised to discover that your employer can help you save money. Alternatively, you can ask your cell phone provider if they offer discounts for special populations like veterans or students. You may be able to find a discount that applies to you.

Keep your current phone


You may feel tempted to upgrade your phone every time a new model is released. The technology probably seems more exciting, however, keeping your current phone can help you save money.  Don’t get sucked in by payment plans. They may seem like a good deal in the moment, but they’re adding another cost to your plate. 

As you can see, you don’t have to let your cell phone be a source of financial stress. Some minor adjustments can help you save major bucks.