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Personal finance apps are great at helping you get control of and manage your financial situation.  There are tons of apps out there for both iPhone and Android that assist you in everything from budgeting to even filing your taxes.  With that being said, we all know not every app worth downloading.

Below is a list of the top 7 personal finance apps for both Android and iPhone

1. PocketGuard

PocketGuard is free for both iPhone and Android and basically functions as a banking and budgeting app.  It will show you the balance of your bank accounts as well as how much money you can spend for the day. It is highly secure since it connects to your accounts with an encrypted read-only connection, which allows you to quickly see how your accounts are looking while remaining secure.  The app also sorts your bill payments, purchases, subscriptions etc. and factors in previous spending habits to give you an estimate of how much you can spend before heading in the red.

2. Mvelopes

This one is for both Android and iPhone and is free.  We all wonder at times where all the money went when we reach the end of the month.  All too often you may find those Starbucks runs are the culprit. Mvelopes provides you with tools that track your daily spending habits while keeping your budget on track. The app uses the envelope budgeting system which helps you plan your spending for the day. It also has a main screen where you can view your banking and credit card accounts.

3. Home Budget with Sync

Home Budget with Sync is available for both iPhone and Android ($4.99) and is a great expense and budgeting app.  One of its best features is their family sharing which lets users set a budget, and then sync both income and expenses with multiple devices. It is super easy to track your expenses and they also provide you with charts, infographics and lists of purchased items which helps give you an idea of your spending habits.

4. Wally

This one’s for iPhone only and is free.  Wally does a great job of bringing together all your financial information in an easy to view format.  One of its top benefits is how quickly you can create and see your expenses as well as see how much money you have saved.  It also has some other helpful features like location and social tools that not only record the dollar amount spent, but where you spent it.   You really get a lot from this app for it being free.

5. Dollarbird

This one is free for both Android and iPhone.  This app uses a calendar based format for tracking and analyzing your personal finances.  You are able to put in past, future and any recurring transactions and the app will categorize them for you. You can then see your expenses and income in both a calendar and timeline mode, or they also provide you with useful infographics on your mobile device or on the web.  They do offer a premium option which gives you access to multiple calendars and is great for families, small teams, freelancers etc.

6. Mint

Mint (iPhone and Android), which comes from Intuit, is considered one of the best budgeting apps.  It has all the features you need for creating a budget and tracking your spending.  It allows you to sync not only your banking and credit card accounts but your monthly bills too.  Everything you need is in one place so you do not have to log into multiple sites.  It will alert you when a bill is coming due, with both the amount you owe and how much you are able to pay.  These reminders are great since they help you avoid getting hit with those late fees which can bring down your credit score.

7. You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget is for both Android and iPhone and they offer a free trial period.  Its job is to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck by assigning a job to each dollar you earn. If you get off track, it has an “accountability partner” and the app will help you see what you need to change in order to stay on budget.  After the trial period is over, there is an annual fee of $83.99, the service and support are worth well worth it. They also offer free online classes with an instructor to help you learn the basics of budgeting.  They are also really good at helping you conquer your debt.   In fact, the average subscriber slashes their debt by $500 the first month.