Most people fail to save enough money for their retirement and often delay thinking about pension plans and 401ks. Saving for retirement  can be tough because it means taking home less pay for several years to come or making large sacrifices. Fortunately, there are several ways to save for retirement without changing your lifestyle.

Below are five ways to save for retirement that aren’t so hard

Downsize Your Home

The highest expense for most people is the home that they own and the different costs that are required to maintain the property. Downsizing your home can reduce your monthly mortgage and the cost of utilities.  This will help to ensure that you have more room in your budget to save for retirement. You can talk to a real estate agent to discuss the value of your home and find a smaller property in the local area. Make energy efficient adjustments on the property to reduce the energy usage in your home for added savings.

You can also downsize by getting a 15-year mortgage and putting 20 percent down or even trading in your mortgage for a home that is paid off.

Reduce Your Debt

Debt is one of the most common threats to your retirement savings and can make it difficult to save for the future. You’ll need to pay off all of your debt as soon as possible to ensure that you can live comfortably in the future. This includes paying off the balance on your credit cards, student loans, auto loans, and home loans. Although it may seem impossible to live without debt, it can be attained with the right plan.

Host a Yard Sale

Make it a point to constantly purge and sell unused items that are in your home. Clean out your closets, garage, and your cars for products that may still have value.  Hold a yard sale or bring your stuff to a pawn shop. Instead of donating the items, you can make an earning off of the items that you own and can put those savings towards your retirement. This includes selling electronics, furniture, and children’s toys. You can even sell your clothes to secondhand stores that pay cash each season. Selling your items throughout the year will also allow you to become more conscious of how you spend your money and can improve your spending habits


Setting aside money to invest will make it easy to prepare for the golden years without having to sacrifice how comfortable you are until you reach retirement. Hire a broker who has experience with mutual funds and is a professional who can help your money grow. You can also use a Roth IRA to ensure that you’re entitled to tax-free withdrawals.

It’s also important to take advantage of a 401(k) with contributions that are matched by your employer to ensure that you’ll get a guaranteed return on your money.

Save $300 a Month

Saving $300 a month for retirement, can be attainable without changing your lifestyle or habits. When you get a promotion or raise, put the extra money towards your retirement.  Don’t spend it on buying a new car or taking more vacations. You can also avoid taking out more loans and even refinance your home to attain the extra savings for your future.  That tax return, instead of going shopping with it, put it towards retirement.

According to, you can also automate your savings and have it come out of each paycheck for an easy way of working towards your retirement goals.

Adjust Your Budget

You can make small adjustments to your budget without changing your lifestyle. Consider downgrading your phone plan or trading in your car for a cheaper model to acquire more funds. Stick to your budget and make sure each dollar is accounted for to avoid unnecessary spending. Using cash will also limit how much you spend on certain purchases instead of relying on a debit or credit card.

Use All of Your 401(k) Tools

According to, it’s important to use all of your 401(k) tools, which includes gradually raising the amount you save. Attempt to raise it three extra points each year to avoid noticing a significant change in your lifestyle.