make money

10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money From Home

  This post has been updated for 2021 Dreaming about what it would be like to make money from home?  You're not alone.  A survey from Owl Labs showed that 23% of workers would consider a 10% cut in pay if they could work from home.  Whether you want the extra income to pay down debt or save for a vacation, having extra cash on hand is always nice. …
pay off debt

YNAB Review 2021: Why Use This App To Pay Off Debt

If you are looking to pay off debt, so are most Americans in 2021.  If you don’t have a budget in place, this is your starting point.  Now is the time to start turning things around and using the right budgeting software is going to get you there. YNAB will help you align your spending decisions with your financial goals and priorities. Once you achieve this, you will start…

save money

How To Save Money When You Think You Don’t Have Any

If you are looking to save money, you can do it and you need to.  According to SpendMeNot, 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved. Even if you don’t think you have an extra penny to spare.  This doesn’t look like making changes to your fixed expenses like your mortgage or rent.  Those aren’t going to reduce overnight.  What will help you to save money is scaling back on…

buying a car on craigslist

Buying a Car on Craigslist: A 2021 Guide For Buyers

Buying a car on Craigslist is becoming more popular with car inventory being so low at dealerships across the country.  On Craigslist, you will find plenty of options, but buying a car from an individual can be a daunting experience.  Below we cover everything you need to know to feel comfortable buying a car on Craigslist in 2021. Starting Your Search Head to and go under the “for sale”…

teens and personal finance

Teens and Personal Finance: Five Ways They Can Learn on Their Own

When it comes to teens and personal finance, education around money management is pretty non-existent.  Another scary fact, according to, only 18 percent of Americans have enough savings to live off of for six months.  Furthermore, half of all families in the U.S. have no retirement savings.  So what does this all mean for teens and personal finance?  Unless they get the financial education they so desperately need,…

personal finance tips

80 Personal Finance Tips That Help Build Wealth

Are you looking to build wealth? How would you like to learn the best personal finance tips to help you reach your financial goals? According to a Gallup poll, just 30% of American households have a long-term financial plan.  Avoid being a statistic by boosting your financial literacy. Read on for 80 actionable personal finance tips that will help you save money, pay down debt, and reach your financial…
make extra cash

Five Of The Quickest Ways To Make Extra Cash Online

Right now, many Americans are looking to make extra cash.  According to,13.39% of people aren’t saving money because they just can’t.  So, taking up a side hustle has become very popular.  Making money online can range from taking surveys to offering your services via a freelance job.  If you are someone looking to make some quick cash, this is the post for you.  Below, we have gathered five…

family finances

How Covid Stimulus Checks Are Affecting Family Finances

Is your family struggling financially?  You are not alone.  For so many Americans, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on family finances. In an effort to provide some relief, stimulus checks have been dispersed to help families get back on their financial feet.  Below are some ways these stimulus checks have had an impact on consumers’ wallets. How Americans Are Spending Their Stimulus Check If you are…


The Best Budget Friendly Pets for Families

  Congratulations!  You have decided to welcome a pet into your family.  Pets can bring love, companionship, and entertainment into your life, but they can also be a major expense.  If you’re looking to bring home a new best friend for your family without breaking the bank, there are plenty of budget-friendly pet options that can bring all the love and happiness your family needs. From the classic goldfish…

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