personal finance tips

80 Personal Finance Tips and Tools That Will Help You Build Wealth

Having the right personal finance tips will help you become financially fit. It’s a challenge to reign in your spending but it will also provide a big payoff. You’ll feel healthier, happier, and more grounded as you move through your week, month, and year. Although saving for retirement, paying down debt, and sticking to a personal budget might not be on your list of the most exciting things to…
make extra cash

Five Of The Quickest Ways To Make Extra Cash Online

Right now, many Americans are looking to make extra cash.  According to,13.39% of people aren’t saving money because they just can’t.  So, taking up a side hustle has become very popular.  Making money online can range from taking surveys to offering your services via a freelance job.  If you are someone looking to make some quick cash, this is the post for you.  Below, we have gathered five…

family finances

How Covid Stimulus Checks Are Affecting Family Finances

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on family finances for so many Americans. In an effort to provide some relief, stimulus checks have been dispersed to help families get back on their financial feet.  Below are some ways these stimulus checks have had an impact on consumers’ wallets. How Americans Are Spending Their Stimulus Check If you are wondering how most Americans are spending their stimulus checks,…

ask for a raise

How To Ask For A Raise In 2021

**This post has been updated for 2021** Are you looking to ask for a raise at work? With the pandemic still going full force in the U.S. and unemployment rates still high, asking for a raise right now may seem like a not so great idea.  After all, if you are still lucky enough to have a job, you may just want to lay low.  With that being said,…

make money

10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

  Post has been updated for 2021 If you are looking to make money, there are plenty of options for making some extra cash.  Whether it is to pay down debt or save for a vacation, saving just does not come easy for some people.  Luckily, there are lots of ways to make an extra buck these days.  Gone are they days where you had to go out and…
credit score

Four Smart Moves That’ll Help You Raise Your Credit Score

One of the most important numbers attached to your name is your credit score.  If your credit score is not so good, you will definitely feel the affects on your financial life.  From getting turned down for a loan to high interest rates on credit cards, you will definitely feel it in your pocket.  For these reasons and more, maintaining a good credit score is extremely important.  You have…

financial resolutions

Four Key Financial Resolutions For 2021

Financial resolutions for 2021 are going to be more popular than ever with the current state. If you have your list made, the key will be sticking to it. Here are six key financial resolutions that will help increase your financial standing in 2021   Image via Financial resolution 1: Create a budget  In order to ensure you have a rising net worth over time, you need to…

checking accounts

Six Best High Yield Checking Accounts Of 2020

The Best checking accounts of 2020 will leave you banking better.  If your current checking account is fitting the bill anymore, you definitely have options.  From big banks to online banks, the competition has all these banks looking to go above and beyond to keep their customers  happy. Here are the six best high yield checking accounts of 2020   Image via CAPITAL ONEChecking 0.10% APY Rate  Account management…

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