10 Loans For People With Bad Credit


Many Americans today have bad credit and in turn do not qualify for certain loans.  Even so, those with a score below 600 can still get approved for a loan.  Now whether that loan is worth getting depends on whether the interest rate and other costs that go with it make sense.  With that being said, if you want to build up your credit score you are going to need to get a credit card or a loan.  As you start paying it off with timely payments, you will begin to see your credit score go up.

Below are 10 loans that are available for those with with poor credit.

  1. Personal loans for bad credit

    Not the greatest option but it may be the only one you can qualify for.  These loans are not hard to get but they do come with a higher interest rate so you need to be prepared to make those payments in full and on time.

  2. Home equity loan

    If you own a home, a HELOC may be a good option if you have bad credit.  You do need to have some equity built up in the home but the process to get one is not too bad. The interest rate does tend to be higher on these loans.

  3. Loans from a credit union 

    Being a member of a credit union has some great benefits including better interest rates and terms compared to traditional banks. They are also more lenient when it comes to their credit standards for loans.

  4. Co-signed loans

    If you can find a family member or friend who will cosign a loan for you, great.  You will have access to a loan with a better interest rate but make sure you can make the payments.  If you fail to make the payments, the debt will fall on your loved one or friend and both your credit scores will be negatively affected.

  5. Borrow from a loved one or friend

    Just like with a cosigned loan, you are getting someone to agree to let you borrow money. Your credit will not be involved and you bypass the need for a bank approval.  You just need to come up with a reasonable interest rate and the length of the loan.  Of course with this type of loan you are not helping your credit nor potentially damaging it but if you don't keep up with the payments, you can ruin your personal relationship.  Just be sure to draw up an agreement that states the details of your loan.

  6. Peer lending

    With peer lending, you are given a loan through online services that match up lenders and borrowers.  They are a fairly new option but something worth looking into since you don't need to use a credit union or bank.  A service will match you and a lender and you can expect the loan rates to be affordable.

  7. Secured loan

    As with a home equity line of credit, you need to have access to some sort of collateral to get one of these loans.  By using your vehicle or home you are better able to get a loan if you have poor credit. Interest rates are usually lower but you may get a longer period to pay back the loan.

  8. Payday loans

    These types of loans are not the best but if  you are really in a pinch, they are an option.  Payday loans let you write a personal check for the loan amount plus a fee and you are able to get the cash right away.  The check is then held onto until your next payday when they will then deposit the check.  The downside is interest rates are high and if you don't pay the loan in full by the due date, you will get hit with additional fees.

  9. Title loans

    If you own your car outright, this might be an option.  The title of your car is put up as collateral to the lender.  Title loans will let you borrow up to the appraised value of the car and terms are usually 30 days or less.

  10.  A loan from your 401k or other retirement account

    Borrowing against your retirement account is an option, but it should also be a last resort since you will pay a bunch in taxes as well as early withdrawal penalties.  If you do go this route, make sure you take out a loan and not a distribution that way you bypass taxes and penalties.


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