5 Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Make Credit Score Changes

credit score changes


Summer and credit score changes may seem worlds apart, but if you’ve been thinking about repairing your credit, summer is a great time to begin the process. Do you know why? In this article, we share five reasons why this season is ideal for credit repair.


Summer Is Relaxing


For the most part, summer is a relaxing season. Depending on the industry in which you work, you may have extra vacation or down time at work. Summer is a great time to refocus your mental energy away from your work and on yourself.  It is a great time to put a focus on taking care of personal priorities like your finances


You’ll Be Motivated By Other People’s Fun

credit score changes

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Is everyone around you engaging in fun activities like going to the beach, visiting amusement parks, and attending outdoor concerts? You may have to abstain from these activities because you know your credit is less-than-stellar. However, let yourself be motivated by these activities and seek the credit score changes you need. Know that once you repair your credit, you can also start to enjoy leisure time without worrying about money.


Lots of Free Activities makes summertime the perfect time for credit score changes


At the same time, you can also typically find many free or low-cost outdoor activities in the summer like fairs, festivals, and parades. While you’re repairing your credit, you’ll need to start following a budget and living within your means. During this season, you won’t have to sacrifice fun, since you’ll be able to find budget-friendly activities. As you spend less money, you can save more.  If you are in debt, pay it down as much as possible and you will slowly but surely see the credit score changes you are working so hard for.

Summertime means sales time

The summer season presents itself with an opportunity to save if you take the time to look for deals and take advantage of them.  One example is groceries.  With the kids home and all the mouths you may need to feed, comparing circulars is going to be the best way to save some money.  Besides cutting those coupons, there are plenty of apps out there to help you save money. Cartwheel, Checkout 51, and Ibotta are a few popular ones. There is also one called  Flipp.  This is a free app that collects all the local store circulars so you can plan your grocery trips.  All this will add up to big savings all throughout the year and you will be able to put that savings towards your financial goals.

Support of Friends and Family

credit score changes

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Summer is all about getting together with friends and family members during barbecues and other events, especially on holidays like the Fourth of July. While you’re going through the credit repair process, you’ll greatly benefit from the enthusiastic support of your loved ones.  You’ll want to have them around to keep you motivated and excited about achieving your finance goals. Seeing your credit score change will give you that extra boost of confidence you need to keep your financial health on track all year long.   

Credit score changes are right around the corner

If you’ve been putting off credit repair for months or even years, then you’ll want to consider starting the process this summer. According to Experian, approximately 34% of Americans have FICO scores below 670. So if this is you, take out your calendar and find June 21st.  Make a note to yourself that the first day of summer will be the perfect time to embark on a journey toward a healthier financial future. A credit repair company can help you achieve the credit score changes you need, and the sunshine surely won’t hurt.

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