protect your finances

How to Protect Your Finances So You Are Prepared For a Potential Recession in the Future

You should always be looking to protect your finances.  Very few people are ever truly prepared for a recession. How many people could have predicted the financial crisis of 2007-2008 or the economic downturn associated with the COVID-19 pandemic? When the economy is favorable, few people want to think about tough financial times. However, one of the best ways to protect your finances is to plan for a rainy…

financial literacy for kids

Financial Literacy For Kids: Five Ways To Be a Good Financial Role Model

When it comes to financial literacy for kids, it is important to start young.  Now that you’re an adult, you may have a few regrets related to money. Whether it’s wishing you saved more in your 20’s or that you started saving for retirement sooner, you may have plenty you would want your kids to avoid doing.  Even though you can’t change your past mistake, you can teach your…

marriage and finances

Marriage and finances: How to Resolve Financial Disagreements With Your Spouse

Marriage and finances are a hot topic for any couple.  You may have heard that conflicts regarding money sometimes lead to divorce for married couples. These conflicts may arise due to opposing views on spending and saving, credit card debt, mismatched financial priorities, overextended budgets, impulse buys, and more. Do you often fight with your spouse over your shared finances? If so, you may be looking for ways to…

who's hiring during the coronavirus pandemic

Out of Work? See Who’s Hiring During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Do you want to know who’s hiring during the coronavirus pandemic? With millions of Americans applying for unemployment, both the job market and people’s finances have really taken a hit.  With that being said, there are a number of companies who are looking to ramp up hiring to meet certain industry demands brought on by the coronavirus. Below is a list of who’s hiring during the coronavirus pandemic right…

children and allowances

Children and Allowances: What To Do If Your Child Wants One

Children and allowances are two things that go together when you think of introducing your young ones to the concept of money.  Have your children been asking you if they can have an allowance? Of course, they probably want money to buy things like candy, Starbucks drinks, smartphone apps, game downloads, music, or a small trinket when they’re at the mall with their friends.  While you want your children…

save more money

Five Tips For How to Cut Food Waste and Save More Money

Are you looking to save more money?  Nowadays, that is pretty much everyone.  Did you know that the average American consumer wastes 250 pounds of food each year? If you could save a nice amount of money by curbing your food waste, what would you do with that extra money in your wallet? You could go on a much-needed vacation, contribute to your retirement fund, save for your child’s…

get rid of debt

Seven Ways To Get Rid Of Debt Faster

If you are looking to get rid of debt, you are not alone.  Consumer debt is upwards of $14 trillion and climbing in the United States. Of this, student loan debt and credit card debt accounts for about $2.5 trillion.  To say we are a nation of debt would be an understatement.  The reality is that many people use credit cards to help them live and pay bills.  Not…

coronavirus scams

Five Coronavirus Scams To Watch Out For

Coronavirus scams were bound to ramp up during a vulnerable time like this.  In order to avoid falling prey to scams, it is essential that you keep your eyes and ears open.  As of right now, there are a bunch of scams going around that you need to watch out for.  Scammers are on the hunt for personal financial information that will give them access to everything from your…

can't pay rent

Can’t Pay Rent? 11 Tips For Working With Your Landlord

  Can’t pay rent?  Join the millions of Americans who are in the same boat.  With unemployment applications through the roof, it is no surprise that many Americans cannot pay their bills.  With all the aid that has been going out as part of the Coronavirus stimulus package, those that are renting are not seeing much in terms of aid.  With that being said, now is not the time…

personal finance

Seven Ways To Handle Personal Finances During The Coronavirus Pandemic

  Giving thought to your personal finances right now?  So is everyone!  The right personal finance tips are essential during a volatile time like we are experiencing right now with the coronavirus pandemic. Checking in with your personal finances is more important than ever.  Many people have lost their jobs or have taken a pay cut, which has completely upended their livelihood.  Now is the time to delve deep…

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