10 Tips To Help Women Take Control Of Their Finances

[Image via Pixabay] Women and finances is all about taking control and managing your finances as the key to personal financial success. Unfortunately, women are behind the eight ball when it comes to not only money management but also investing. Below are 10 women and finance tips for long-term security 1. Come up with a realistic savings goal Start off by taking a look at your income along with all of…
personal finance apps

7 Personal Finance Apps To Help You Reach Your Financial Goals in 2018

[Image via Pixabay] Personal finance apps are great at helping you get control of and manage your financial situation.  There are tons of apps out there for both iPhone and Android that assist you in everything from budgeting to even filing your taxes.  With that being said, we all know not every app worth downloading. Below is a list of the top 7 personal finance apps for both Android and…

10 Tips For Paying Down Holiday Debt

Holiday debt is real and you need to figure out the best way to pay it off.   With the average shopper spending upwards of $900 on gifts, paying this off should be at the top of your resolution list. Below are 10 tips to help you pay off holiday debt faster Research 0% balance transfer offers Balance transfers can be a great way to start the process of paying…

8 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Tax season is around the corner and many people look forward to getting that tax refund check in the mail.  If you are lucky enough to have one coming your way, consider using it to boost your financial situation in a smart way. An average tax refund is around $3k which is a nice amount that you could put towards a number of financial priorities. Below are eight smart…

10 signs you are living beyond your means

If you are looking to spend less, you are not alone. Many people spend cash they don't have and perpetually live beyond their means.  Knowing what those indicators are can not only save you money, but stress when you find yourself strapped for cash in an emergency. You do not have six months of income saved If you ever needed motivation to spend less and save more money, just…

10 Money Saving Tips For Holiday Shopping This Season

The right money saving tips are necessary if you don't want to wind up starting January off with debt.  Getting the perfect gift for your loved ones during the holidays is at the top of everyone's list.  With that being said, it can also be one of the most costly times of the year where people overspend and are left with debt to pay off.  If you take the…

11 Money Management Tips for Teens

[Image via Pixabay] When it comes to teenagers and money management, limiting spending is often the first thing that comes to mind. Parents try hard to help their teenagers grow beyond by teaching them about personal finance and money management; however, it's no easy task. Savings, compound interest, different types of accounts, credit cards — these are all complex topics that require time and dedication to integrate into your life.…
protect financial information

10 Steps To Take In Order To Protect Your Financial Information

Protecting your financial information is key nowadays with all the data breaches happening. With the recent Equifax breach all over the news, people are scrambling to check their bank and credit card accounts.  Unfortunately, simple everyday activities like using our debit card or even answering the phone can put your data at risk.  For this reason, it is crucial to make sure you are properly protecting your financial information.…
save money

13 Simple and Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day

In a world of instant gratification, it can be difficult to remain focused on your finances and save money. The temptation may be towards buying more and more luxurious things; however, figuring out ways to steer clear of overpriced items and save money every day is essential. You need to stay on top of your spending habits and cut down on your expenses in order to be financially fit.…

8 Tips For Boosting Your Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits represent an essential program that the majority of retirees depend on.  More than 60% of seniors are reliant on their SSI benefits for at least half their their monthly income.  If we did not have social security benefits for our retirees, we would see the poverty rate among them skyrocket.  With that being said, you want to start to plan ahead for those retirement years. Below…
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