credit and employment

Will Your Credit Impact Whether You Get the Job? 4 Things To Know

Your credit and employment are intertwined.  If you’re one of the many scouting new employment opportunities, add one more step to your to-do list when you apply. Consider checking your credit.  Your credit rating will have an impact on the employers final decision. So in addition to the unique cover letter, a professional resume, and good interview skills, you need to be on top of your credit. Here are four ways your…

The Best Secured Credit Cards for Rebuilding Credit

Although credit cards sometimes cause more problems than they solve, they can be helpful in rebuilding your credit.  Depending on your credit, you may not be able to get an unsecured credit card. In that situation, you should consider a secured credit card. The benefit of these cards is that your credit limit is based on the deposit you make. So, for most of them, if you deposit $300,…

Rebuilding Credit WITHOUT Credit Cards

If you're one of the many Americans struggling with a less than ideal credit score, you know that rebuilding credit can be a difficult process. Financial experts often recommend getting a secured credit card to rebuild. The trouble with that approach is that credit cards are usually the reason most people get in trouble in the first place. If you need to rebuild your credit, there are some alternative…

What To Do If Your Credit Limit Is Lowered

Since the financial fallout from the Great Recession, many banks have started lowering credit limits, even for customers with good credit and payment history. Lenders are tightening up outstanding risk and have scaled down credit limits to reduce the risk of default. Many banks use an automated algorithm that analyzes your spending to determine whether you are likely to become a credit risk. Changes to where you shop and…
negative credit

How Long Does Bad Information Stay On Your Credit Report?

Negative credit is a concern for many people.  One of the most asked questions for credit agency call centers is how long bad information stays on a credit report. Your credit score impacts everything from buying a car to getting a job. If you’ve made some missteps in the past, knowing how long bad information will stay on your credit report is important. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)…

Easy Ways Young People Can Start Building Credit

Building credit is important once you enter adulthood.  You can technically spend your twenties without any credit rating but on the flip side, you won't be building credit. The idea of never having to worry about having any debt can be liberating. That is, until you get older and realize that you need to have a good credit rating to get anywhere in life. Borrowing money for a car…
credit utilization tips

3 Credit Utilization Tips To Help Your Credit Score Skyrocket

Do you know the best credit utilization tips for helping you maintain a good credit score? Credit utilization is a ratio that shows how much credit you are using in proportion to how much credit you have available.  As a consumer, you need the right credit utilization tips so you can ensure you are handling your credit in the most effective way possible. Not to mention, your credit utilization…
credit tips

7 Ways That Credit Can Improve Your Life When Used Correctly

The right credit tips can improve your life.  Credit initiates an immediate negative feedback in our minds because owing money is a taboo for most people. You might be itching to get your hands off the topic but credit can actually do you good if properly utilized. Below are seven credit tips that can improve your life High-Ticket Purchases Purchasing your own car and house always involve credit unless…
credit myths

Don’t Be Fooled By These Common Credit Myths

Credit myths about your credit score are more than a tall tale — they are just plain bad advice.  We all know how powerful that three digit score can be. It determines your interest rate on an auto loan or a mortgage, qualifies you for an apartment and can even keep you from getting a job. Don’t ruin it by falling for credit score fairytales. Below are credit myths…
generation x and credit

Studies show Generation X dependent on credit cards, delinquencies overall down 

When it comes to generation x and credit, it seems they are more likely to be racking up the bonus points and sky miles, using cards to pay for everyday purchases. A combination of studies recently released shows consumers are coming back home to credit cards after taking a break from charging post recession. In a study released by the American Bankers Association this month, new credit card accounts…
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