divorce tips

How To Win A Divorce Like a Champ!

Divorce tips are in order since couples who fight at least once a week have a 30% greater chance of getting a divorce.  Many couples fight about money which can eventually lead to divorce. The worst part? Even a divorce won’t necessarily put an end to fights about money. Below are divorce tips along with effective strategies on how to deal with common issues Understanding Your Complete Financial Picture…
losing home

Are You in Danger of Losing Your Home? Here’s What to Do

Are you losing your home? Since 2008, foreclosures have been an on-going issue for millions of Americans. Even today, many homeowners are still feeling the effects of the turbulent housing market. If you’re one of these homeowners, we’re here to help. If you’re in the process of losing your home, you have two options: a short sale or a foreclosure. We’ll take a look at each of these –…
hidden fees

Nobody Reads the Fine Print: How to Easily Avoid Hidden Fees and Interest

Is there any phrase more universally hated than “hidden fees”? While you should always read the details of any financial contract, doing so is certainly no guarantee you won’t be hit with unexpected charges. Many companies try to hide behind confusing legal language to add fees or charge you interest. But just because you’re charged a fee doesn’t necessarily mean you’re required to pay it. Hidden fees and interest…
money and marriage

From Honeymoon to Divorce: How Money Can Save Your Marriage

Money and marriage are very important when it comes to personal finances.  Are you newly married, or about to be married? If so, congratulations! Now, we don’t want to worry you, but the first few weeks of your marriage will set a tone for the rest of your lives together. You want to start your married life off with smart, healthy habits! If your marriage is ever going to…

Getting A Mortgage with Sub-Par Credit

If you have poor credit, now is the time to try and bring up your credit score.  By increasing your credit score, you will be able to attain a mortgage on more favorable terms and with lower interest rates. Let’s look at how the mortgage banking industry treats consumers who have poor credit scores. Get Copies Of Your Credit Reports The first thing you will need to do is…
save money on utilities

Save Money On Utility Bills With These 6 Tips!

There are a number of ways to save money on utilities that you may not have thought of.  When it comes down to the essentials, you can’t get much more essential than heat, water and light.  But while your utilities may be absolutely essential, the amount you pay on your utility bills is not. Below are six tips that will help you save money on utilities Air leaks and…

Your Credit-Related Rights and Consumer Protection Laws

When it comes to consumer protection laws, most people are not aware of how these laws exist to help them. We can often feel like credit card issuers and consumer loan agencies hold all the cards. But in fact, there is an alphabet soup’s worth of state and federal laws designed to protect consumers of credit.  In addition, there is another catalog of government agencies to enforce those laws.…
rainy day funds

Rainy Day Funds: Who Needs One?

When it comes to being financially healthy, having a rainy day fund is an essential component.  We all know how quickly life can throw a curveball at you and you need to be prepared for these “unexpected expenses”.  For this reason, financial professionals suggest saving at least six months worth of living expenses.   If you are living paycheck to paycheck, however, this idea may seem out of reach.  Even…
credit report errors

Credit Report Errors That May Be Silently Sinking Your Credit

Credit report errors are much more common than you may think. According to the Federal Trade Commission, five percent of consumers may be seeing credit scores that are 25 points below where they should be as a result of errors. By law, you are entitled to a free copy of  your credit reports each year so take advantage of it.  The last thing you want to have happen is…
hidden service fees

The Big Corporations’ Small Print That Is Picking Your Pocket

As a consumer, you may not realize the hidden service fees that you are paying for everyday services.  Everything from your credit card, your cell phone or your utilities.  What you may not realize is that these providers are typically charging undisclosed fees which is costing consumers millions of dollars each year. Below are six hidden service fees to watch out for Hidden Service Fees With Credit Cards This…
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