5 Signs That You May Be Circling the Debt Drain!

Unless you do a strict accounting of your income and expenses each month, you won't know whether you are living within your means. Below we have compiled a list of red flags that may indicate that your finances are not under control.  If any of these apply to you, it may be time to pause and take a closer look at your spending habits. You Only Pay The Minimums…
medical debt

Has Your Credit Been Sucker-Punched by Medical Debt?

While consumers can be penalized by credit bureaus for an imperfect payment record on their medical debt, they will not be rewarded for good payment behavior either.  Medical payments, like utility payments, do not show up on your credit history when timely made.  Missed or late medical payments, however, will harm your credit rating.  Below we cover how medical debt can affect your credit. HIPAA Has Hamstrung Communications The…
financial mistakes

The Five Worst Financial Blunders Out There

Financial mistakes are something most people deal with at one point or another in their life.  The celebrated American novelist Ernest Hemingway went bankrupt once during his career. When he was asked how it happened, he said, “Slowly at first, and then quickly.” We all know of other celebrity bankruptcies, and if financial calamity can happen to them, it can certainly happen to us. As a result, we have…

What Can I Do To Lift My Credit Score Quickly?

If you are looking to lift your credit score, you would not be alone. If you’re income is sufficient, and you are not making any major purchases or looking for a job, months or years can go by without your credit score being an issue. With that being said, your credit can become an issue very quickly. So how can you lift your credit score? There are actually quite…
credit report organizations act

What Is The Credit Report Organizations Act?

Signed into law in 1996 by President Clinton, the Credit Repair Organizations Act, also known as CROA, is actually part of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. It requires credit repair companies to advertise and communicate with consumers in a transparent and honest manner. Do you need a credit repair company? 5614756300 For many people, one of the most frustrating situations they can encounter is having bad credit. Obtaining a…
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