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Visit Site presents itself to consumers as a credit repair company with a difference. The firm, which has been in business for fifteen years, states that its mission is not only to identify challengeable credit items and dispute them with credit bureaus. The firm also wants to make a difference in its clients’ credit-using habits so that their credit scores will rise, and remain higher than where they were when the clients came looking for help in the first place.

As a result, clients who select this credit repair agency will be working with a firm that, in their own words, seeks to “empower you to make a significant, long-lasting lifestyle change” in order to help you achieve your financial goals.

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The company has been repairing consumer credit for over fifteen years, and is clearly committed to improving its clients’ credit rating and improving their prospects for credit access and financial success. However, if you just want a firm that will focus on repairing your credit, and not on reforming your behavior, you may want to consider some if its competitors.

Features and Services 

The company uses a website interface that contains some impressive client-friendly features, including visibility into the firm’s efforts and results. In a hat tip to the shift to mobile technology, Its site allows downloads to tablets and smartphones, allowing you to monitor the firm’s progress in persuading the credit bureaus to withdraw negative credit items.

After signing up and arranging for the firm to pull your credit reports, they will ask you to identify items to be challenged. The company then goes a step further, and invites clients to make changes in their credit behavior that will influence the credit bureaus to withdraw negative items, allowing your credit score to rise.

In situations where the firm is able to confirm to the credit bureaus that these client changes have occurred, the bureaus will be in position, based on applicable regulations, to further improve the clients’ credit history.

An additional benefit offered by this credit repairer is their use of a three-step “game plan” that they establish for each client, designed for checking, challenging and in the end changing the client’s credit report. The client centered should appeal to credit-challenged consumers who feel they need a helping hand along with professional credit repair services.


The premier benefit clients receive from retaining will be the opportunity to enjoy an improved credit rating, and all the advantages that entails. A better credit score may open the door to mortgage financing, car loans, or credit card access, permitting its clients to pursue the lifestyle they desire.

An improved credit rating also permits lenders to extend credit on more favorable terms, meaning primarily lower interest rates, but in some situations reduced insurance premiums as well. It’s no secret that employers will often run a job candidate’s credit, as a sign of her or her reliability, and so improved employment prospects will be a further benefit of an improved rating. publishes numbers showing the specific benefits it has been able to provide to its clients, and we at CreditMarvel give the firm good marks for transparency on this issue. The company asserts that, on average, its clients witness the removal of seven percent of their negative credit items per month, and the firm’s numbers show that this holds true for the first three-month period of service, for a demonstrated 21 percent removal average.  That is not the highest we have seen, but it is not bad.

The company’s reputable profile, and fifteen-year history of service to its clients also offers you the benefit of knowing that you are working with a solid company.

The credit repair industry has attracted some less-than-reputable players over the years, and clients will benefit from the assurance that they are not working with a firm that may not be in business next month, or that has drawn the interest of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and may be shut down next month.

Price charges no set-up fee and only a one-time $12.99 credit reporting fee. Their monthly charge, however, is $49.95 per month. There is no premium service or related premium charge.

Guarantees and Warranties

There is no service guarantee offered by, but as we have stated, guarantees only come into play when a company’s service was unsatisfactory in the first place. Still, this is certainly an issue for prospective clients to weigh in deciding whether to go with them.

BBB Rating

Our review of the BBB’s review showed that the firm is facing no significant government actions, and that the firm’s advertising has not formed the basis for any form of complaint. Based on this information, its business history, and the customer reviews the firm has received, the BBB gave an A+ rating.

Speed of Service 

The company’s website does not address this issue directly, but their representatives indicate that, while your mileage may vary, within four months of enrollment, the firm will be able to remove over 11 negative items from the average client’s credit history. CreditMarvel characterizes this performance as in the average-to-good range.


CreditMarvel counts as solid pluses the fact that this firm has a long, established record in the credit repair business, and maintains a highly client-friendly web portal with mobile access. It’s A+ rating with the BBB is also a selling point. A significant drawback for this firm, however, is the high price of its services as compared to the prices charged by its peers. While the average 21% negative item removal rate achieved by the firm for the first three months of service is good, other firms have reported higher percentages, and this too must be considered. Overall, this credit repair agency is a solid choice for those who can afford its higher pricing structure.

Overall, CreditMarvel views as a solid provider of credit repair services, but clients will simply need to decide for themselves if they are worth the extra cost.

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  1. Ian Duncan

    July 24th, 2015

    I’ve never really had bad credit or credit issues, but I’m always looking for ways to improve or maintain my score. I gave the experts at a call, and they were able to give me tons of tips and advice.

    They told me that there is a particular sequence that I should pay off my cards in order to earn the largest benefit. They also set me up with a pay off schedule.

    Having a printed visual on my fridge encourages me to pay things off in order, and also to follow the schedule they provided. Thanks to, my credit has jumped 8 points!

  2. Rahul Dubey

    November 14th, 2018

    I need to repair my cibil score so can u help us.