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The Credit People has been in the credit repair business for over fourteen years. During that time, they have assisted over 100,000 people in repairing their credit. The firm’s strategy involves analyzing the methods used by the credit bureaus to determine credit scores. Such factors include debt-to-income ratios, credit type ratios, credit bureau scoring models, and of course your credit history.

The firm gears their repair services toward improving those ratios and models, in order to maximize the improvement in your credit score. This analytical approach is what this company believes is the key to their success.

Features and Services

Unlike a number of other credit repair firms, this credit repairer will obtain your credit reports for you, a factor the firm says will make working with them easier. They also feature a $19.00 entry price, but they note that this entitles you to only seven days of service, so it is best viewed as a low-priced trial offer.

The company performs credit interventions, meaning that they will work not just with the credit bureaus, but in some cases with the creditors directly. They also maintain a 24/7 client portal, enabling clients to view the work they are performing for you, and their progress.


Although it is possible for consumers to pursue the repair of their own credit, it is a complicated task. Also, credit bureaus respond to dispute letters that are correctly phrased, and that raise the exact issues that require the bureaus to take action on a disputed item.

The company in their website point out that if you don’t know that lingo, you may not get the best results. The assurance of working with a credit repair industry veteran is certainly one of the benefits of working with this firm.

The Credit People mentions that 79% of credit reports contain errors are serious enough to cause a credit denial, and that 54% of those reports contain incorrect personal identifying information (a basis for forcing removal of a negative item).

These errors and deficiencies result in unfairly reduced credit scores for consumers. Use of a credit repair service like this one allows you to correct these mistakes, remove negative items that were based on incorrect or unverified information, and enjoy the improved credit scores that will result.

Customer Service

The company maintains both a 24/7, year-round client portal and a toll-free customer service line. Clients as a result have two routes to securing information regarding their accounts, and the ability to oversee the progress being made by the firm in repairing their credit.


Along with the $19.00, seven-day membership trial, the firm offers two different payment methods. Under the first plan, clients can pay $59.00 per month for their service, a price comparable to their peers. The company offers no premium service, asserting that they include every feature the offer in their basic price, and that every client will receive the same high level of service.

Many clients on monthly plans develop some anxiety over the progress their repair agencies are making, and the speed of that progress. Responding to this consumer concerning, The Credit People are offering the option of signing up for a six-month period of service for a flat $299.00, equivalent to about $50.00 per month.

Guarantees and Warranties

The guarantee offered by this credit repair agency allows clients who are not satisfied for any reason may cancel without being charged for the current month, and will also be refunded their prior month’s payment.

While CreditMarvel recognizes the value of this guarantee, we do not value guarantees very highly in the first place, because they are only used when the service was unsatisfactory. Here at CreditMarvel, avoiding bad service, not securing a refund for it, is our goal for you.

BBB Rating

CreditMarvel must report that the Better Business Bureau has given this firm an “F” rating. The reason for this failing grade is the high number of complaints received by the BBB concerning the firm. Over the past three years, 28 complaints have been filed with the BBB against The Credit People. Moreover, the firm did not respond to three of them. The subject matter of the complaints ranged from advertising to sales, billing, issues with their guarantee, and problems with the service itself.

Based on this record, and the BBB’s rating, CreditMarvel must conclude that the issue of service quality and customer satisfaction must be one to consider in deciding whether to go with this firm. When it comes to customer service, and responsiveness to complaints, we must hope for improvement and in the meantime, say “buyer beware.”

Speed of Service

The company state that, while each client’s mileage will vary, the majority of their customers see results within the first 45-60 days. CreditMarvel notes that this does not quite indicate how long it will take for the company to deliver optimal results. We will count this company as being no better than their peers in that regard. The firm separately states that the average credit repair program involves a six-to-seven month process, and consumers will need to decide for themselves if this is a time frame they can accept.


The firm’s analytical approach to how they, well, approach the credit bureaus has much to recommend it. We also like the optional flat fee pricing arrangement, the client-friendly online portal, the customer service phone line, and the fact that the firm has been operating for over fourteen years. We have some real reservations, however, concerning the lack of a BBB rating that arose from the firm’s decision not to apply to the BBB for a rating. The volume of complaints filed with the BBB and the company’s failure to respond to three of them, are also red flags. As with other credit repair companies that we review, we would ask you to weigh the pros and cons of The Credit People carefully as you make the selection of a credit repair company.

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  1. blake

    May 8th, 2017

    I recently used The Credit People and I'm very upset that I used them. They guarantee results within 45-60 days, and after three months of no changes on my credit report I cancelled with The Credit People. They disputed three of the six companies on my credit report, but nothing changed and The Credit People stopped contacting me. They did refund me the $59 that they were taking out for this month, but not for the other two months of $59 each. That was $118.00 wasted.

    I might go back to Lexington Law, even though they cost more they removed three disputes from my credit report within a month. I definitely do not recommend The Credit People, I don't know how they got decent ratings in the first place.

  2. Mildred Hill

    September 20th, 2017

    I'm interested in credit repair but I have some questions and concerns. I am trying to fix my credit and increase my score to purchase a home within the next year.