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The best credit repair resources can be found online in a number of places.  Below is a collection of great credit repair resources to help you on your credit repair journey.

In addition to the credit repair resources below, CreditMarvel offers reviews of credit repair agenciescredit repair guides, and FAQs.

Applications and Software for monitoring credit

These different credit repair resources will help with tracking and monitoring your credit.

  • CreditWise From Capital One ~ This app is free whether you are a Capital One customer or not.  One of the best features of this is app is their credit score simulator. This feature allows you to see how certain financial decisions will wind up affecting your credit score.
  • IdentityForce® UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit ~ This is one of the most extensive services for credit monitoring.  They will monitor your information across social media, court records and even the dark web. They will send you alerts if any fraud has been detected across any of your accounts.
  • ~ Credit Karma allows access to all of your accounts from one place. In addition, they also provide free credit monitoring and free credit reports.
  • ~ Credit Sesame offers unique and useful tools for users. They provide updates on the estimated value of your home, ID theft protection, credit alerts and monthly updated credit scores.

Personal Finance apps and software

Credit repair resources must include help with personal finances.  These apps and software offerings will help you take control of your money so you can meet your financial goals.

  • ~ Mint is both a web and app-based financial platform that helps you monitor and track your finances. You can build and customize budgets, pay bills and move money around your various accounts.
  • Prism ~ With this app you can see all your bills and financial accounts in one place.  It provides you with that important overall picture of your finances. It has over 11,000 billers and if yours is not there, you can add it.  The app will also send out due date reminders so you never make a late payment again. Gone are the days of needing pay bills from multiple accounts.
  • ~ Betterment is an investment platform that takes the guesswork out of investing. You just have to provide them with your financial goals and they will invest your money in a diversified portfolio.
  • YNAB – Better known as You Need A Budget, this award-winning software will teach you how to manage your money and get ahead.
  • Dollarbird ~ Free for both Android and iPhone, this calendar based app will help you track and analyze your personal finances. It will provide you with a clear financial picture so you can be smarter with your money.

Books and Videos

These credit repair resources will provide you with the ins-and-outs of the credit market and how to navigate your way around it.

  • Credit Repair Kit for Dummies ~ The popular “for Dummies” series offers this comprehensive book that comes with a wealth of sample forms, documents, and templates.
  • Hidden Credit Repair Secrets ~ This might be the best book on the market to help people fully maximize their credit repair efforts. Included is a great 6-step plan for settling disputes.
  • Raise Your Credit Score in 10 Easy Steps ~ This credit repair book provides you with helpful information about your credit score along with tips on how to raise it.
  • Credit Repair ~ This is an extremely detailed book that is probably more suited for someone who really wants to fully understand and possibly even work in the credit repair industry.
  • The Credit Repair Answer Book ~ This is a good entry-level book for people who would like a well-laid out collection of information. While you won’t find any detailed information on handling disputes, you will learn about the credit industry.
  • ~ If you’re more for watching videos than reading books, this website has a massive collection of videos that will take you through all aspects of credit repair. The videos include in-depth explanations of your legal rights, and those of collection and repair agencies.


Below are calculators that will help simplify difficult financial equations.  With these calculators, you will know exactly how much you need to pay.

  • Debt Planner & Calculator ~ This Google Play app allows you to track up to five different debts and provides insight on how to pay each of them down. The strategy is based on paying off the lowest balance first.
  • Debt Calculator ~ This simple calculator allows you to input the details of your debt and calculate the interest you will pay over the lifetime of the debt.
  • Home Affordability Calculator ~ This handy calculator will give you the ideal amount you should be willing to spend on a new home.  It takes into account your income, current monthly payments, and expected down payment towards the property.
  • Amortization Schedule Calculator ~ Similar to the debt calculator, this calculator allows you to input any debt and interest amount and calculate the payments.
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator ~ This calculator will determine your expected mortgage payments based on an exhaustive collection of variables.

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