If you are looking to manage money like the pros, you can.  You don’t have to have a ton of money though to make that happen.  What you need to do is make the right money moves that will put you on a path to reaching whatever financial goals you have set for yourself.

Look into your car insurance

Car insurance can be costing you hundreds in money you really don’t need to be spending.  We know this because people are overpaying for car insurance by an estimated $21 billion.  So what should you do to manage money better in this category? Shop around for different quotes. With the pandemic going on, insurance companies are offering discounts, so now is the time to see what is out there.  In addition, if your lifestyle fits with a usage-based program where you will be tied to how much you drive, you may be able to save some money there too.  The best way to comparison shop for car insurance is by using one of the comparison websites like Compare.comThe Zebra, and Insurify.

Go with a zero based budget

When you use a zero based budget to manage your money, the idea is that you use up your entire paycheck.  No, we don’t mean spend it all on a Trader Joe haul either.  With this type of budget, every dollar in your paycheck is assigned a “job”.  The first step is to figure out where all your money is going each month so you are going to need to track at lease one month of expenses.  This will help you figure out what money you have at the end of the month if any.  Then you want to give thought to what your personal finance goals are.  Do you want to save for a family vacation?  Buy a home?  Whatever those goals look like for you, you are going to want to see where you can cut expenses so you have a chance at achieving them. 

Consider a personal loan if you need it

If you are drowning in credit card debt, this one is for you.  A personal loan could be the answer to your problems.  Find the right personal loan for you and use that to pay off your debt.  Of course now you have new debt but with a more favorable interest rate.  The other perks of a personal loan include not having to put up collateral like your home, you don’t need to have stellar credit and there are plenty of lenders that offer them.

Look into your homeowner’s Insurance

If you own a home, you are paying for homeowner’s insurance.  What you may not realize, is that you are probably overpaying for that too. So how can you find out if you are overpaying?  Of course there are websites you can check out like Policygenius and Esurance to see how much you are overpaying.

Make more money

Most people could use an extra stream of income now more than ever.  Good thing having a side hustle is very popular these days.  Whether its working as a grocery delivery driver, an Uber driver, posting your skills on freelance sites like Fiverr, there are tons of ways to bring in more cash whether from home or outside the house. You just have to be willing to put in the extra time. Now, if you do start bringing in extra income, manage money like a pro and don’t be foolish and spend it.  Every dollar should have a job attached to it. So if you have debt, put it towards that.  If you don’t have an emergency fund, start building one.  You get the idea.