Balancing a side hustle with family obligations is not the easiest thing to do but it is achievable.  We have all heard how finding a side hustle is an excellent way to earn extra money that you can use to pay off debt or repair your credit. If you’re saving for a dream vacation, your retirement, your child’s college education, or a down payment on a home, then a side hustle can potentially help you put aside money at a more rapid pace.

However, balancing a side hustle with family obligations can be very challenging.  Many side hustles require you to work at night and on the weekends, when you could be spending quality time with your family. If you’re committed to working a side hustle, but you still want to maintain your strong familial bonds, then you’ll want to continue reading this article.

Here are five tips for balancing a side hustle with family

Set the expectations

Before you dive headfirst into your side hustle, you’ll want to have an honest discussion with your family members about why you want to take on extra work.  Share what you hope to achieve by doing so. If they understand that you have set some clear goals, and that you’re trying to improve their lives as well as your own, then they will likely be more forgiving of your new work schedule. They will better understand your motivations and may even go above and beyond to support you like doing extra household chores or making sure you have heat-and-eat meals when you’re not able to eat with your family.

Get more creative with your quality time

With your new side hustle, you may not be able to enjoy the same family activities as before, but you can still share time with your family members if you’re willing to be creative. For example, if your side hustle is blogging, then you can ask a family member to help you brainstorm topics and even make a fun game out of it. If your side hustle is baking cakes, then you can invite your family members to offer their feedback on your newest flavors and designs. Finding ways to incorporate your loved ones into your side hustle will always make them feel loved and appreciated.

Ask for help with breaks

Pursuing a side hustle can sometimes feel all-consuming, and you may sometimes forget to take breaks. Ask your loved ones to help you take breaks by inviting them to set a timer, so they can interrupt you at predetermined intervals. Not only are breaks good for your productivity, but they will also give you a chance to connect with your family members, even if only for a short period of time.

Be present

Being present where your feet are is not so easy when you are juggling work and family life.  But in order to achieve a feeling of balance in your life, you owe it to yourself to try.  Whatever you are doing at the time, whether it be working or playing with your kids, enjoy life in that moment. Of course you will have things pop into your head like what is left on your to do list but don’t allow that to take over being present in the moment.  Jot down your thoughts on paper or create a note on your phone and get back to enjoying life.  You can then put aside some time to tackle those things you jotted down.

Don’t forget to rest

As a society, we praise pushing ourselves and keeping busy.  No doubt with a side hustle and a family to take care of, you are plenty busy.  With that being said, you don’t want to forget about taking care of number one.  Being constantly on the go and stressed can lead to all kinds of health problems like anxiety and depression. It is vital that you take the time to rest.  Over the long run, it will help you feel more refreshed so that you can continue to pursue your side hustle and be present with your family.

As you can see, pursuing a side hustle doesn’t mean you have to sever all your family ties. You can achieve all your career and financial dreams with some planning, patience, and understanding.