If you are looking for the best personal finance tips in an effort to improve your financial situation, you are not alone.  According to the Federal Reserve, Americans have accumulated over a trillion dollars in credit card debt. This is up from the approximate $854 billion we saw five years ago. 

However, you should know that you have many resources right at your fingertips, especially if you use a smartphone with an Internet browser. By knowing how to search Google for the best personal finance tips, you can find the financial advice you need to put you on the track to financial wellness.

Here are five ways to use Google to find the best personal finance tips.

Search for “Top Personal Finance Books”

There’s no shortage of helpful books about personal finance, and many of them are available at your local library for no charge! If you don’t like to read, you can always make a note of the titles and then check to see if the books are available as an audiobook. You can also use Amazon to search for reviews and read what other people have to say about these books before you commit to reading them.

Search for “Positive Money Affirmations”

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When you’re in the process of repairing your credit, you may feel frustrated or even hopeless. There’s light at the end of the tunnel! You just need to keep your eyes up and open long enough to see it! When you Google “Positive Money Affirmations”, then you’ll find affirmations that you can repeat to yourself every day. While this practice may seem cheesy at first, you’ll notice that you’ll soon begin believing these affirmations.  This is by far one of our favorite personal finance tips. 

Search for “First-Hand Stories about Credit Repair”

You may feel alone while you’re repairing your credit – like you’re the only person who has ever had to do it. However, when you Google “first-hand stories about credit repair”, you’ll realize that you’re not alone, and you may even start to feel hopeful when you read about other people’s positive experiences with credit repair services.

Search for “Personal Finance Podcasts (or Videos)”

If you already enjoy listening to podcasts or watching videos, then you may like learning about personal finance in this way. When you Google this phrase, you’ll find many lists of recommendations, and you may even want to subscribe to a podcast or channel that you find particularly enjoyable or informative.

Search for “Personal Finance Blogs”
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Did you know that many personal finance bloggers update their content at least weekly? When you follow these bloggers, you’ll always be able to access new content and benefit from their smart insights. Furthermore, you may find a community of like-minded people in the comments section or on the forums.  You never know, you may find some of the best personal finance tips this way. 

 The best personal finance tips

With personal debt at an all time high, it is imperative that you take stock in your personal finance situation.  If you are like many Americans today, you are in desperate need of the best and most effective personal finance tips that will help move your financial track in a positive direction.  Take to Google and use our above tips to find the best personal finance tips on the web.