creative ways to save money

Are you looking for creative ways to save money?  Having an organized wallet is one you may have not thought of.  When was the last time you organized your wallet?  Even though you use your wallet almost every day, you probably don’t think twice about its content.  However, if you want to limit your spending, you should take the time to optimize your wallet. Many people wind up in debt because they carry all their credit cards around with them and before they know it, they are seeking credit repair services.

Below are 5 creative ways to save money by by organizing your wallet.

Be a Minimalist

Have you watched the Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”? An expert in decluttering and organization, Kondo shows people how they can bring more sanity into their lives by throwing things away.  Consider watching this show and applying the principles to your wallet. This can really be a creative way to save money.  For example, if you don’t use all your rewards cards on a daily basis, but you keep them all in your wallet, then you should take them out of your wallet and store them in an envelope at home. Just take them out when you need them. If you have many credit cards, but you only use one or two, then take those cards out of your wallet, so you’re not tempted to use them.

Clean Out Receipts

creative ways to save money

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Once a week, you should clean out the receipts from your wallet. We don’t suggest throwing them out, since receipts can help you track your expenses. However, they shouldn’t be stuffed in your wallet. Keep a folder or box just for receipts at home and then make a point to store your receipts there. You’ll be surprised how much lighter your wallet feels!

Organize Your Cash

Remove all your cash from your wallet, smooth out each bill, and then organize your bills by denomination. This will help you be aware of how much money you have at all times, and it will also transform your relationship with your money. When you start to treat your money with respect, you will feel less ashamed about how you do and don’t spend it. Many people have negative attitudes about money because they feel like they never have enough, but this can help you start to heal your relationship with money.

Go Digital As a Creative Way To Save Money

Nowadays, there is an app for everything and personal finance is no exception.  Using personal finance apps are a super creative way to save money because you have a clear picture of where your money stands at all times.

Here are some great ones that will help you keep your wallet organized.
Stocard: A great app for storing your loyalty cards.  It works with both IPhone and Android devices.

eWallet: This app isn’t free but it is still a good deal at $10.  You can store everything from credit card info, passport details, insurance cards, loyalty program details and more.  It is an all in one app and can also be downloaded to your computer as well.

Google Wallet: Google of course has an app that allows you to not only send money to anyone in the US with an email address but you can also store all your credit cards and debit cards as well as loyalty program details and more.

 Gyft: If you are lucky enough to be carrying around gift cards, you know what a pain it is to try and remember how much the balance is.  Not to mention they can really bulk up your wallet.  This app will store digital versions of your gift cards.

Get Rid of Change

creative ways to save money

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Coins can be a real pain.  They spill out of your wallet and if you don’t use your wallet to store your change, it is most likely at the bottom of your purse or in your pocket.  If you do feel the need to have change on you, either use the built-in section in your wallet or better yet, start a piggy bank.  Change can add up quick and before you know it, can have a couple of hundred dollars saved.

Use These Creative Ways to Save Money and Limit Spending

Having an organized wallet is essential to not only limiting spending but can also boost your savings.  When you have less cards on hand and your wallet is clean and tidy, you feel a sense of control over your finances.  When we feel “out of control” is when we tend to engage in activities that are not in line with our personal financial goals.

Now that you’ve learned some creative ways to save money by organizing your wallet, will you be taking the time to do that today?