We recently reached out to Sky Blue Credit Repair, a leading credit restoration service, to get some answers to several of the common questions we receive from our readers on a regular basis. Luckily, President Jim Kemish was kind enough to set aside a little time for us in order to clear up some pressing questions related to Sky Blue and the credit repair industry in general.

We have already done an in-depth review of Sky Blue’s high-quality services. You can read that review right here.

Can you tell us your position at Sky Blue Credit Repair?

I am the president.

What’s different about you and your company?

We have a great, caring corporate culture. Our sales people are not on commission, so there is never any pressure on the front side, and when we have done all we can for the customer we let them know, so the process is not dragged out.

What are the most common services that you provide to your clients?

We do three things only. We analyze our customer’s credit report to identify dispute opportunities, manage the dispute process with the bureaus, and provide advice on score improvement based on the customer’s specific case.

Are there certain situations where you would reject a potential client? How come?

Yes. If someone is better served by a different solution we will let them know. For example, if someone is unable to manage their existing debt, assuming the debt is legitimate, we will suggest that they investigate other options which may include consumer credit counseling, debt settlement, or bankruptcy.

What, in your experience, is the most common reason people seek out Sky Blue’s help?

Many people come to us after being turned down for financing. That is the most common wake up call.

Is there one single action someone can take to improve their credit score dramatically?

It depends on the individual case. We suggest a thorough credit report review to identify the items that can be removed, fixed, paid, or negotiated, and then prioritizing them based on impact.

Credit repair clients are obviously concerned about money. Can you tell us about your fee structure?

We charge a $59 setup fee, and $59 per month starting 30 days later.

How important is it for someone to ensure their credit is in good standing before making a large purchase such as a house or car?

Very. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate you will receive. The financial impact can be significant.

How close can you get your clients to a “perfect” credit score?

Our average customer starts around 520 and ends around 680. When we have done all we can do, we stop, but that does not mean the customer’s journey is over. Their score should continue to improve after their time with us, and we provide all the help they need to make that happen.

How would someone get started with Sky Blue if they were interested in your services?

Click through and sign up! Or, if you would like to chat, just give our helpful sales department a call.

What is the typical timeline for credit repair?

Six months.

Is there any type of guarantee?

We offer a full refund 90 day guarantee. If during the first 90 days of service someone decides we are not right for them we will refund their money in full, including their setup fee.

Anything else that potential clients would need to know?

We would love to help!

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