Effective money tips are something everyone can use.  For most people, money is tied up in emotions and stress.  Therefore, we often will go to great lengths to remain in denial about our money issues so we won’t ever have to be uncomfortable and face them. However, lying to yourself isn’t doing you any good. In this article, we explore some of the top money-related lies that people tell themselves and illuminate the truth about them.

Below are five money lies and money tips that will help you approach your finances better.

“I don’t have an issue with money”

If you often find yourself buying stuff that sits in your closet with the tags on or you eat out multiple times a week, chances are you may be telling yourself that you need to trim it back.  But you don’t.  You continue on spending money here and there and everywhere.  These don’t have to be huge purchases either.  We all should know by now how much money many people are spending on their Starbucks habit.  Take a moment and review all the things you have spent money on in the past few weeks and see where you can be cutting back.  Next, you need to create a budget if you don’t have one set up already.  Then, if you can return any of your newly purchased items, do it.  Head over to Pinterest and create a board with some great meal ideas.  When it comes to managing your money, there are tons of apps out there that can help you out.

“I’ll never be able to repair my credit, so what’s the point in trying?” – One of the most important money tips

Have you accumulated a lot of debt? Is your credit score less than ideal? When you think about the big picture and imagine what you’ll need to do to repair your financial situation, you probably feel overwhelmed.  Most people procrastinate or avoid getting things done because they simply don’t know how to begin, or they can’t imagine themselves reaching their financial goals. As a result, they think, “What’s the point?” 

Instead, try breaking down your ultimate goal into smaller, manageable goals and then outlining the process of how you will achieve each goal. That way, you will feel less overwhelmed and get on the right path to achieving your financial goals.

“It’s okay if I keep secrets from my spouse or partner”

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Hiding how you manage your money, especially if there truly is an issue, can affect trust levels in your relationship.  Not to mention it will ultimately affect how you are able to meet your the financial objectives you have set up together. Take the time to sit down and discuss how you both want to approach your finances.  In an effort to make it not so serious, plan a date night if you can.  You can sit in a relaxed environment and make sure you are both on the same page as well as address any problems that pop up.

“I’m the only one dealing with financial problems, and I feel so alone.”

Do you see people around you spending lots of money and going on frequent vacations? On the surface, it may seem like your friends and family members aren’t struggling at all with any financial issues. But the reality is that you don’t really know anyone else’s financial situation. Those people may be overspending and getting themselves into debt, or they might have an invisible source of income – like a trust fund. Never compare yourself to others. In the long run, you may be better off than those people.  Especially once you take responsibility for your spending and saving and get yourself on the path toward financial freedom. 

“Wanting to earn more money is for bad, greedy people”

Do you hold negative beliefs about money? Even if you don’t think there’s anything wrong with earning money, you have subconscious, deep-rooted beliefs attached to it. For example, if you’re rich uncle treated you poorly as a child, then you may unknowingly think that all rich people are mean and nasty. 

It’s worth taking some time to explore your conscious and subconscious beliefs about money, and you can do that by journaling about the topic. If you think money is bad, then you won’t ever let yourself make the money you need to achieve financial freedom.

The right money tips will better your financial journey

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Regardless of the financial situation you find yourself in, you want to take stock in the typical money lies people often tell themselves.  These are lies that will eventually put obstacles in the way of achieving financial success and long term happiness.  You want to focus on setting financial goals and developing a positive relationship with money that will take you down a path of financial wellness.