Do you want to know who’s hiring during the coronavirus pandemic? With millions of Americans applying for unemployment, both the job market and people’s finances have really taken a hit.  With that being said, there are a number of companies who are looking to ramp up hiring to meet certain industry demands brought on by the coronavirus.

Below is a list of who’s hiring during the coronavirus pandemic right away.  


These companies are looking to hire 30,000 employees or more.

Instacart:  We kick off our list of who’s hiring during the coronavirus pandemic with Instacart.  They will be looking to hire 300,000 full-service shoppers across North America over the next three months.

Amazon:  Amazon is looking to add 100,000 workers to its roster for both its delivery network and its fulfillment centers.  They are also looking at increasing their wages.

Albertsons: They are looking to hire 50,000 people across their companies for open roles.

CVS Health: CVS is looking to hire upwards of 50,000 employees for full-time, part-time and temporary jobs across the country.  Roles they are looking to fill are retail associates, home delivery drivers, distribution center employees, and member/customer service professionals.

Walmart: Is looking at hiring 50,000 employees for its fulfillment and distribution centers.

Dollar General: This major retailer is looking to add 50,000 employees to its roster by the end of April.

FedEx: Is looking to hire 35,000 essential team members.

Ace Hardware: Ace will be hiring  30,000 people for full-time, part-time and seasonal positions to work in its stores nationwide.

Allied Universal: Is looking to hire 30,000 security professionals.

Pizza Hut: Is looking to hire more than 30,000 people to not only support their contactless delivery services but also work as shift leaders, cooks and managers.

Lowe’s: Lowe’s is looking to hire 30,000 employees to meet current demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

As you can see, there are certain industries that are looking to ramp up their hiring numbers to meet current demands. In addition to the ones listed above, government-related positions are also opening up.

Don’t lose touch with your previous employer

Even though you may have lost your job or have been furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic, don’t be so quick to cut the ties with your employer.  Keep the lines of communication open as they may be looking to bring you back after things start to return to “normal”.

Take this downtime during the coronavirus pandemic to invest in yourself

You should always be looking to evolve in your professional life.  If are lucky enough to be okay financially for a bit while you look for another job, take some time to invest in yourself.  The internet is filled with courses and tutorials that are both free and paid.  Take the time to earn a new certification that you can add to your resume.