Whether you plan to hire a credit repair agency or pursue repairing your credit on your own, there are dozens of great resources and tools available online which will prove invaluable to you. We’ve gathered a collection of links to these resources here, allowing you to find every weapon you could possibly want in your credit repair arsenal.

In the applications and software category, you’ll find various apps and programs which will help automate the process of tracking your credit and monitoring your credit accounts and scores.

In the books and videos section, you’ll find a number of useful primers on the ins-and-outs of the credit market, and how to navigate your way around it.

Lastly, in the calculators section, you’ll find some handy calculators that help simplify the process of otherwise difficult financial equations for you, allowing you to calculate complicated expenses or fees and know exactly what you could expect to pay.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our other resources available right here on CreditMarvel, including guides, FAQs, and reviews of credit repair agencies.

Applications and Software 

  • mint.com ~ Mint is both a web and app-based financial platform that functions as a one-stop spot for tracking and monitoring all of your finances. You can build and customize budgets, pay bills directly through the service, and move money around your various accounts.
  • betterment.com ~ Betterment is an investment platform that takes the guesswork out of investing. After providing a small amount of information on your financial prospects and goals, the program will invest your money in a diversified portfolio that is balanced for optimal returns based on your financial profile.
  • readyforzero.com ~ This app is designed specifically to help you pay off your debt, one dollar at a time. The makers boast that they have helped people pay off their debts by $207 million thus far by providing them with realistic goals and encouragement.
  • creditkarma.com ~ Among other things, Credit Karma allows access to all of your accounts from one place, and even provides free credit monitoring and credit reports with its service.
  • creditsesame.com ~ Credit Sesame offers several unique and useful tools for users, including updates on the estomated value of their homes, ID theft protection, credit alerts, and your credit score, updated monthly.

Books and Videos

  • Credit Repair Kit for Dummies ~ The popular “for Dummies” series quite naturally has a book dedicated to credit repair. This comprehensive book comes with a wealth of sample forms and documents, and templates which others lack.
  • Hidden Credit Repair Secrets ~ This might be the best book on the market to help people fully maximize their credit repair efforts. Included is a great 6-step plan for settling disputes.
  • Credit Repair ~ This is an extremely detailed book that is probably more suited to somehow who really wants to fully understand and possibly even work in the credit repair industry, than someone who just wants some useful advice on repairing their credit.
  • The Credit Repair Answer Book ~ This is a good entry-level book for people who would like a well-laid out collection of information that isn’t overly complicated. While you won’t find any detailed information on handling disputes, you will learn much about the credit industry.
  • creditrepairpublishing.com ~ If you’re more for watching videos than reading books, this website has a massive collection of videos that will take you through all aspects of credit repair, including in-depth explanations of your legal rights, and those of collection and repair agencies.


  • Debt Planner & Calculator ~ This Google Play app allows you to track up to five different debts and provides insight on how to play each of them down. The strategy is based on paying off the lowest balance first, a recommended strategy by many experts.
  • Debt Calculator ~ This simple calculator allows you to input the details of your debt account, and calculate the interest you will pay over the lifetime of the debt based on either the minimum or fixed payment amounts that you specify.
  • Home Affordability Calculator ~ This handy calculator takes your income, current monthly payments, and expected down payment towards the property, and calculates the ideal or upper amount you should be willing to spend on a new home.
  • Amortization Schedule Calculator ~ Similar to the debt calculator, this calculator allows you to input any debt and interest amount and calculate the payments that will be required over the lifetime of the debt.
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator ~ This calculator will determine your expected mortgage payments based on an exhaustive collection of variables, to give you a completely accurate estimate of your monthly home payments.

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