Energy saving tips are on the mind of anyone living in colder temperatures.  Winter can also be an especially difficult time if you’re trying to save money or repair your credit.  Not only do you have to face the pressure of holiday spending, but you must also adjust your energy usage to account for colder temperatures. If you live in a region that experiences long, harsh winters, then you may need to spend a lot of money to heat your home.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with some energy saving tips that can help you cut back and reduce your bill this winter season.

Consider lowering your thermostat

Do you want to know one of the easiest energy saving tips? Setting your temperature back 7°-10° can save you up to 10% a year on energy costs!  Who knew?! Energy experts recommend you keep your thermostat at around 68 degrees when you’re not home, or you’re sleeping. You may even want to experiment with lowering the temperature at other times of the day and bundling up with sweaters and blankets. We’re sure your family won’t complain about having to drink an extra mug of hot chocolate to stay warm.

Another great way to save a buck is to use the heat from the sun. If possible, open those drapes or blinds and let the sun shine in.  The heat from the sun may help to reduce the amount of energy necessary to heat up your home.

Use LED holiday lights

If you love to put up lights to welcome in the holiday season, know you could be really using up a ton of energy.  In order to reduce your usage, be sure to purchase LED holiday lights.  They are typically 75% more efficient than incandescent lights and can last up to 25 times longer.

Unplug electronics

Even if you are not using appliances that are plugged in, they are still using energy.  This means your table lamps, cell phone charger, TV etc. can all add up to a significant increase in energy usage if they are always plugged in.  Try and make a habit of unplugging these items when not in use.

Only heat certain rooms if you can

If you have a more current heating system, you may be able to pick and choose which areas of your home get heated. Avoid heating uninsulated rooms like garages and crawl spaces. If you have an older heating system, then you may want to consider turning the heat off altogether and getting an energy-efficient space heater or lighting a fireplace. Just make sure you’re using these things safely! Your family members will be more inclined to hang out together in the living room rather than retreat to their bedrooms.

Schedule regular maintenance

When was the last time you had an HVAC expert come to your home to check your heating system? An HVAC professional can ensure that your heating system is working as efficiently as possible and may be able to provide you with tips and suggestions for saving money on energy costs.

Change your air filters

Air filters can get super dirty and if you have a pet, they can really clog up quickly. At the minimum, make sure you are switching them out each season.  If not, a dirty filter can really spike your energy usage.

Check for drafts

Have you been suspecting that your doors or windows are causing a draft? If so, you’re probably canceling out the benefits of your HVAC system and wasting lots of money. Wherever you find a draft, add weather stripping or try replacing the seals. By doing this,

you’ll be able to keep the heat inside your home and the cold, blustery wind outside where it belongs.