As 2017 approaches, so do the new years resolutions.  One resolution that should be at the top of all our lists is saving money.  Who doesn’t need extra money?  Whether it be to buy something special, save for that much needed vacation or just to get that emergency fund going, we could all be doing more to save.  And it does not have to be as painful as you think.  A major lifestyle change does not have to be in order to get the ball rolling.

Below are five quick and easy tips to get you saving money today

1. Get That Spare Change Into a Jar

I can say from experience that putting change in a jar is probably one of the easiest ways you can start saving money.  My husband is especially great about this and we currently have a nice stash going.  Coins certainly carry value and by saving your daily change, you’re limiting careless spending. When you have built up a nice amount, take your coins to your bank and deposit them or bring the cash home and put it under your mattress.  Whatever works for you.  Ka-ching!

2. Make Saving Money Automatic

Your paycheck has just been direct deposited and you just saw your favorite store is having a HUGE sale.  You know you should stay away but your desires seem to be taking over.  Avoid the pain of not saving that money, and set up an automatic savings plan before you have no idea where your money went!  This is as easy as setting up an automatic transfer to a savings account.  If it’s not there, you can’t spend it. Pay yourself first, as they say.

3. Increase your credit score

The benefits of having a good credit score are great!  Saving money on interest on everything from home loans, car loans, school loans and credit cards.  If you haven’t given your credit score much thought, now is the time. If you are suffering from a poor credit score, definitely look into hiring a credit repair company. They can assist you with finding mistakes, eliminating negative reporting and they will also keep note of any suspicious activity on your credit report. They are also useful in helping you understand your credit report and how to devise a plan to get your credit back on track.

4. Up For A Raise?  Get It And Forget It

Congrats on the new raise! Before you begin planning what you will do with this newfound income, increase that auto transfer you already set up.  Trust me, you won’t miss what wasn’t there to begin with.  Saving that money means you can put it towards other financial goals.

5. Avoid accumulating new debt.

Certain debt is inevitable. Like the purchase of a home or maybe a car.  As a rule of thumb,  If you have to take out a loan, try and put up a nice chunk up front.  Doing so will help you save by doing away with paying accumulated interest over time.

In the end, saving does not have to be painful and difficult. With these simple tricks, you will be on your way to building up a nice cushion for your emergency fund or that much needed vacation.  Happy saving!