Home energy efficiency tips will be helpful as we start spring at home.  During the cold winter months, you were probably extra careful about your energy use. If you prepared in advance, then you sealed any drafts, had your HVAC unit checked, and cleaned your air filters. You likely also kept your thermostat at a reasonable temperature. Now that spring has arrived, what are you doing to increase home energy efficiency?

Just because winter is finally over, and the dog days of summer haven’t yet arrived, doesn’t mean you can forget about energy efficiency. In fact, you can be proactive about energy use during the spring months and cut your costs. Keep reading to discover some ways that you can save on energy and be more sustainable.

Get a programmable thermostat

Just because you didn’t invest in a programmable thermostat for the winter months doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for the time being. Spring can be an unpredictable season, with cool and hot days ahead. By installing and setting a programmable thermostat, you can save an estimated 10% on heating and cooling costs. 

Take advantage of sunlight

Now that the days are finally growing longer, you have greater access to sunlight. Are you using it to its full advantage? When you choose energy-efficient window treatments, you can allow sunlight to enter your home and warm the rooms on cooler days. In addition, these same window treatments will keep your home cool on toastier days. 

Clean your fridge out

You may think your air conditioner is  the one appliance making your energy bill skyrocket but your fridge also uses quite a bit of energy.  Nearly 14 percent of your energy bill is thanks to your fridge.  If you want to reduce your bill, try cleaning it out and you may see a reduction in your energy bill.

The first step in cleaning your fridge is to pull it out from your wall and make sure the coils are free of any dust and dirt.  Next, head into your fridge and clear out any old food or expired/mostly empty bottles.  This will allow the air to circulate better while increasing efficiency. In addition, if you can set up your fridge away from the oven, that will help it maintain a cold temperature more efficiently.

Spruce up your landscaping

The inside of your house is not the only place to look for ways to cut your energy bill.  Head on outside and take a look at your landscaping.  Depending on where your trees and shrubs are, your air conditioning costs can be cut by 15-50%.  Landscaping that will give your windows and roof shade can achieve this for you.  In winter, this will help create a windbreak.

Switch to energy-saving lighting

A small change with a major impact, energy-saving lighting can save you about $75 per year in energy costs. Walk around your house and choose the five light fixtures you use the most. Next, replace those five light bulbs with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR bulbs, which you can order online or find at your local home improvement store. The task shouldn’t take you more than an hour.

Invest in electrical power strips

Have you heard the phrase “phantom load” before? This refers to the way electricity is consumed when electrical devices are in standby mode. When you use electrical power strips, you can plug your devices into them and then turn off the power strip when the devices aren’t in use. Did you know this practice could save you up to $100 per year? 

Now that you know about some ways that you can make your home more energy efficient this spring, where will you start? Which project will you tackle this weekend? When saving money is as easy as unscrewing and screwing a light bulb, you have no excuses.