Working from home tips are essential right now.  With the nation practicing social distancing due to the coronavirus, these tips are needed more than ever.  If this is totally new territory for you, you are probably feeling stressed trying to navigate this new normal.   Working from home looks different than working from an office and if you have kids, it is a whole other animal.  Your health and stress levels during this unprecedented time needs to be monitored so that you keep your overall health intact.

Here are six working from home tips for keeping you and your family healthy and happy.


Have a morning routine


Using routines is one of the most powerful working from home tips.  They will not only help you be more productive but the right routine can help keep your health in check too.  Putting yourself in the right mood when you wake up is possible with the right morning routine.  Don’t subscribe to the notion that if you “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” your day is doomed.

If you can, get to bed early enough so that you can wake up at least one hour before you normally do (cue Rachel Hollis).  Take this time to practice self care.  This can look like meditating, exercising, journaling or anything else that brings you joy.  This simple practice will help set the tone for your day.  Do this everyday and you are setting the right tone for each and everyday moving forward.  The key thing is to make it a routine and not something you do on and off.

Stretches to help your posture


With only essential businesses open at this time, working from home is the new normal for most Americans.  With that being said, many people will be making a big adjustment with staying home all the time.  This can bring about health obstacles you may not have thought of.  Since people’s working environments are going to be changed, posture can become an issue. You most likely will not have a home office set up with a desk and ergonomic office chair. This means you need some working from home tips that will keep your body feeling its best.

In order to keep healthy, you should work in stretches throughout your day.  Here is how that should look:

        • When you wake up, you need to get your body ready for the day.  Try doing spinal twists as soon as you wake up.  Sit on the side of the bed and twist your body back and forth for 15-20 times.  This helps lubricate your discs and will get you ready for your work day at home.  Check out this video below for more easy stretches you can do from your work spot.

Managing parental stress



Now more than ever, you need to be mindful of your emotional state and stress triggers.  Working from home with children in the house will undoubtedly cause feelings of stress.  Conference calls with bickering kids in the background is enough to have you pulling your hair out.  With that being said, we need to be hyper aware at this time about projecting that stress onto our children.  After all, they are being affected by this pandemic just as much adults are.  Here are some tips for keeping your sanity for you and your children while working from home.

  • Create a schedule –  Working from home will be even more stressful without some version of a schedule for your kids.  A schedule will help alleviate at least some of the stress.  Now this doesn’t mean that you won’t get interrupted or that you will have the day to yourself.  But it will allow you to work smarter and hopefully get more work done.
  • Set up your “office” in a separate area of the house/apt – Having a door to close goes a long way in helping with productivity and detaching from the rest of the house (i.e. that pile of laundry).  If you don’t have a separate space with a door, try making a to-do list will help you leave your work space at the end of the day better equipped to tackle your work the next day.
  • Keep your kids entertained – Of course the TV or computer are options for keeping your kids entertained (and the kids would love it).  As easy as that may be for a solution, you do want to come up with some screen free options for them to engage in.

Get some fresh air


Stepping outside to get fresh air or go out on a bike ride is essential to your mental and physical health. This is one of those essential working from home tips. It is very important that you move your body throughout the day since you are naturally not moving around as much as you would be in an office setting.  While you are in your “working” hours, schedule breaks at intervals that work for you.  Stretch your legs, walk outside, walk around the house, bust out some push ups or jumping jacks if you want.  Fresh air and moving your body is key to staying healthy while working at home.

Keep healthy food in the house  


If your cabinets are stocked with Oreos and Doritos, guess what you will be eating when you reach for a snack.  In order to keep your immune system strong and your health in check, you need to keep your cabinets and refrigerator filled with healthy foods. There are plenty of healthy non-perishable snacks you can buy and keeping the fridge stocked with healthy noshes is not that hard either.  With all this eating in, you will also be beefing up your savings which is crucial at a time like this.

Connect with people


Humans are social creatures by nature. So it makes sense that in order to stay healthy, you need to have some social interaction.  Schedule virtual meetings with family and friends, handwrite a letter or have a virtual dinner with friends.  Looking for more ideas?  Check these out.