Money problems like debt and credit repair are hardly the most popular topics of conversation at happy hours and barbeques.  In fact, money discussions make most people very uncomfortable. If you’re struggling with debt or credit issues, you may feel alone.  You may feel like you’re the only person struggling with these money problems. However, the truth is that many people share the same financial challenges and concerns – and you can find them.

In this article, we provide information about the top support groups for people struggling with debt and other financial issues. Before you know it, you’ll be able to find a community of people just like you and feel more motivated to achieve financial freedom.

Here are three places you can connect with other people struggling with money problems like debt or credit repair

Debtors Anonymous (

Debtors Anonymous is an organization that offers hope for people who are struggling with money problems and debt and are in need of debt help. They assist their members by working through a recovery program based on the Twelve-Step principles. Even if you’re not sure whether or not the Twelve-Step approach is right for you, you may want to attend a meeting in your area to hear other people’s stories and realize there’s hope in overcoming your financial problems. You can even start diving into some of the recovery stories on their website. (

Meetup is not specifically a site for people struggling with debt and other money problems, but it’s a digital resource where community leaders can start grassroots groups for any interest. You can download the Meetup app and search for anything related to finances.  For example, a quick search in the Los Angeles area yielded an event called “Complete Money Makeover – Burgers and Finances”.   At this event, attendees will discuss Dave Ramsey’s “Complete Money Makeover” while enjoying some fast food burgers.

Here are some umbrella topics that you can find lots of helpful groups if you are suffering from money problems: ( is a resource for people who are seeking support and community no matter what is troubling them. On this site, you can even find an active support group for people who struggle with money problems. 

Members share their stories, with as much detail as they feel comfortable posting, and then other users can leave responses. 

Just because none of your friends or family members is talking about finances doesn’t mean you can’t find support and community in other places. Maybe you can be the first person to start the conversation among people you know and challenge the taboo about money conversations. 

Ways to talk to someone having financial problems

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Money is and has always been a sensitive subject among people.  Many times it can bring about feelings of shame and fear of judgement.  For this reason, it remains a taboo topic that people hide behind.  If you know someone may be experiencing financial issues, there is a way to go about helping them.

1. Pay Attention To The Signs

When someone is having money problems, they will not necessarily come out and say it.  But you can usually spot the signs.  You may have a friend that cancels plans that involve going out for dinner and drinks.  You have a family member ask to borrow money on a regular basis.  Not everyone hides it so well but you can get a general sense of who is struggling to get their bills paid.

2. Talk To Them

If there is someone in your life you think is struggling with their personal finance situation, approach them with kindness and humility.  Talking about money in general is not so comfortable and can be an emotional subject.  People fear being judged for their  financial habits—or lack thereof. For this reason, you always want to start from a place of empathy.  This will show them you are not judging them and they will be more apt to open up.

3. Offer Your Help

There are a variety of ways you can offer your help.  If you happen to know of any job opportunities, let the individual know.  Just don’t have the expectation that they will pursue the opportunity.  There are also programs out there for low-income people.  Do a little research and offer contact information as needed for the situation.  Just let them know you heard about these helpful programs for people having financial troubles.  If you can swing it, offer a gift card to a grocery store.  If you think they may not accept it out of embarrassment, you could always just drop it off in their mail box.

4.  What you should not do

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If you are going to offer anything like money or any other help (food, clothes etc.), you have to do it without the  expectation that the person will use what you give.  Also, as nice as it is to give a helping hand, you want to make sure you are not enabling someone who does not see that they have a financial problem.  If you find yourself repeatedly helping a friend and they continue to throw away their money and show no effort towards improving their financial situation, it is time to reevaluate how you are showing up for them.  In this case, you would just want to offer your words and stay away from offering money or things.

Get Support For Your Money Problems

At the end of the day, you want to approach these conversations with the right heart and the best tools and resources available. You know what it’s like to be stressed—and who wishes that on anyone? We all mess up every now and then, but we can all come back from those mistakes. Offering up help and information with regards to debt and credit repair will go a long way.  And maybe you’re just the right person to encourage and inspire them.